11 Bit Studios Offers Nine-Game “Complete Collection” Through Humble Bundle

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11 bit studios, a Polish game development studio formed by CD Projekt and Metropolis Software veterans, is now holding a Humble Bundle sale on every game in their library. For just $15, players can get 13 games — counting 5 games in the Anomaly collection — and four of these are complete editions with every released DLC for no extra cost. The offer ends in less than two weeks on November 18, and the purchased games can be redeemed later on Steam.

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The bundle is available in 3 tiers. The first tier will net you the Anomaly game collection and Spacecom for $1, while the second tier will add Beat Cop, Tower 57, and This War of Mine: Complete Edition for 12 dollars more. The final bundle that includes everything on sale for just $15 consists of every aforementioned game, plus South of the Circle, and Game of the Year editions for Frost Punk, Children of Morta, and lastly, Moonlighter. Players can also pay for higher tiers at $25, $30, and $35 respectively, and the extra money will be used to support the publishers and charity, including the NGO Razom for Ukraine.


A game on the list that deserves attention is This War of Mine, a survival sim set during wartime and civil collapse. In 2017’s Game Developers Conference, 11 Bit Studios head of marketing Patryk Grzeszczuk spoke about how hard it was to sell a game about civilians surviving a war, since most other games portray wars only from the point of view of strong elite soldiers, and not the victims of war. He compared promoting the game to asking people to pay $20 to feel bad, but the team believed in the power of their work and the ability of fictional stories to make you think and feel pain as if it was yours. That is why it’s called This War of Mine, to reflect how wars touch every person differently.

Other games on the list have varying genres and concepts not usually explored in today’s gaming climate, such as Tower 57’s Dieselpunk setting, Brooklyn’s ’80s with BeatCop, and the eponymous setting of Frostpunk, which has its own unique history and world that you can shape as you see fit. South of the Circle is also a beautifully crafted BAFTA award-winning game with actors from Bohemian Rhapsody, The Woman in White, Chernobyl, and Game of Thrones.

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