22 Per Cent of Female Tidner Users Victims of Sex Attacks

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A Spanish study has revealed around 22 per cent of users of the hook-up app Tinder have experienced a form of sexual violence, with a majority of women saying they felt pressure to have sex.

The study ‘Apps Without Sexual Violence’ was conducted by the Young Women Federation (FMJ) and funded by the Spanish Government Delegation against Gender Violence, and interviewed 963 women who use the hook-up app Tinder.

The results of the study found that as many as 70 per cent of the users felt pressured to have sex, while 21.7 per cent said they had been subjected to sexual violence after meeting someone on Tinder, newspaper El Mundo reports.

President of the FMJ Ada Santana said that 40 per cent of respondents maintain violent sexual relationships due to the influence of pornography, and 57 per cent have been pressured to drink alcohol to maintain their relationships.

Earlier this month, Spanish juvenile prosecutor  Eduardo Esteban linked pornography consumption to increases in sex attack cases among Spanish youth.

“They go to pornography as if it were a tutorial that we handle on the Internet,” Esteban said.

“There is really no sexual training for minors, who are resorting to alternative routes, nothing desirable, such as pornography.”

The FMJ study revealed that at least 27.4 per cent of the respondents claimed that their partner they had met on Tinder tried to film their sexual encounter without their permission, and 27.7 per cent had sex without a condom despite the women saying they did not wish to.

Prostitution is also a major issue on Tinder for some women, according to the study. Around 72 per cent women claimed that they had seen men who had profiles advertising that they would give them gifts or money, while 60 per cent said they had been offered money or gifts by men they had met from the app.

The researchers also used two fake profiles to analyse 1,400 profiles of men and women aged 18 to 55 and found that men aged 35 to 55 often requested nude photos or tried to engage in sexually explicit conversations during their initial messages.

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