8 Easy Remedies for Back Pain During Period

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First day of period means immense lower back pain. The fact that more than half of the women experience pain during periods is not enough to help you feel better.

Around 40-50% of the women show the symptoms of back pain during their menstruation cycle. The pain is caused due to primary dysmenorrhea which means the cramps or pelvic pain that come along with the period over every month. “Women get period pain when the muscular wall of the womb contracts. The severity and frequency depends upon the extent of contraction,” says Shikha Dwivedi, Msc. clinical nutrition and dietetics, in-house nutritionist, OZiva.

Backaches are characterised with strange thigh sensations, headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, and exhaustion too. “It is the time when prostaglandin has to be released. Once your uterine line begins to shed, it results in pain,” says Divij Bajaj, CEO, Power Gummies.

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 How to feel better

Severe period pain can be treated only with the help and guidance of a doctor. But here are a few remedies by Dwivedi and Bajaj for relieving back pain which are occasional and manageable.

Drinking herbal teas

Tea helps to reduce discomfort and calm your muscles, which makes it particularly beneficial during periods. Additionally, herbal drinks can reduce the effects of inflammation and reduce your back discomfort.

Sleep for an extra 2-3 hours

Sleeping gives your body the breather it needs and rests your back.

Try doing some period-friendly yoga to stretch your body

You should move your body to reduce stiffness now that you’ve slept for 8 to 9 hours. Physical activity can improve your general health, lessen lower back discomfort, and reduce stress. Yoga and pilates along with controlled breathing exercises helps to make period pain manageable by balancing the core muscles.

Hot therapy

Hot water can improve flow, ease pain and unwind stiff muscles. Hot pack, hot water bottle or warm shower bath is one of the easy ways to relieve back pain as it relaxes your contracting muscles. Place the heat bag over the towel so as to avoid burning on skin due to heat.

Instead of taking medications, chew magnesium supplements

Magnesium supplements are regarded as a nourishing and therapeutic medicine, particularly for reducing menstrual discomfort. You can get relief from pain with these supplements without having to sacrifice flavour. They also act as anti-inflammatories by blocking prostaglandins, which will put you at peace throughout your monthly cycle.

Therapeutic massage
Therapeutic light massage is another effective way to reduce pain as it stimulates competing nerve fibers and impedes pain messages to and from the brain.

Nutrient rich, balanced diet
It is suggested to drink plenty of water, eat lots of wholesome seasonal fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Salty, sugar containing and processed foods can activate the severe pain due to increased inflammation.

Using the right menstrual products
Sometimes period pain can depend upon the choice of the menstrual products used. For example, using larger tampons or silicon cups than for the required flow can cause pelvic and back pain because of the expansion caused.

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