Atomic Heart Reveals Spinning Boss In New Gameplay Trailer

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Atomic Heart has released a brand-new game video (via IGN) showcasing Hedgie, a spherical boss that appears as though it will give players a run for their money. This monstrosity will certainly be no easy feat for players to tackle, as the player in the video is killed roughly ten times by Hedgie.

While the player never defeats the powerful boss, they do show off a wide array of the game’s weaponry including a shotgun and a different take on the classic AK assault rifle. The trailer also shows off large melee weapons and what looks to be a powerful grenade launcher. Not only does the player character have access to a myriad of physical weapons, but they’ll also have spells in their left hand. The combat is reminiscent of BioShock, another game that gave players a gun in their right hand and a form of magic in their left.


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Hedgie, the boss in the video, appears to be tough to beat. The player uses everything they have in their arsenal, through nine separate lives, and still can’t take down the boss. Hedgie has several abilities; it can bounce on the ground, sending a pulse of deadly energy at the player, or it can spin in tight circles, attempting to flatten the player.

Atomic Heart appears to have a wonderful eye for detail. After each death, the cutscene shows the specific way the player died. From Hedgie running them over, to the player being sucked into the vortex the mechanical boss creates, each animation is different from the last.

Atomic Heart is set in an alternate reality, where Soviet Russia is still alive and kicking. Players will get a chance to play as Major Nechaev, dubbed P-3 after an exposure to plutonium, a KGB agent tasked with exploring a robotics manufacturing facility gone rogue. The game features dangerous mechanical enemies; robots creating other robots looking to cause mayhem. The robots are linked through the game’s version of the internet, dubbed Collectiv 1.0. Dr Sechenov, the scientist behind the first iteration of the Collectiv, is looking to upgrade his previous invention, setting the events of the game in motion.

This is Mundfish’s first game, and it’s looking to hit the ground running when its inaugural title Atomic Heart comes out on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on February 21st, 2023.

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