Brit tourist plummets 130ft from waterfall in Thailand & ‘shatters his hip’ in terrifying accident on holiday with pals

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A BRITISH tourist has plunged 130ft from a waterfall in Thailand shattering his hip in a terrifying accident on Christmas Eve.

Backpacker Joshua Kohler, 20 from Norwich had hiked to the top of the Na Muang waterfall on the island of Koh Samui in order “to get a better view.”


Josh suffered a horror fall after he climbed to the top to get a better viewCredit: ViralPress
The tourist ended up shattering his hip in the accident


The tourist ended up shattering his hip in the accidentCredit: ViralPress
The 20-year-old miraculously survived after plunging 130ft from the waterfall


The 20-year-old miraculously survived after plunging 130ft from the waterfallCredit: ViralPress

The holidaymaker and seven of his friends had ignored warning signs not to go any further, put in place following a string of deaths on the same waterfall.

Josh is said to have climbed to the top of the cascading streams before slipping on the wet surface.

He landed on a large boulder where he was heard “wailing in pain” after suffering a deep wound on his head and a suspected broken hip leaving him unable to walk.

Rescue teams clambered up the perilous hillside and strapped Joshua into a stretcher which they lowered down over the jagged rocks.

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The operation took four hours before he was taken in an ambulance to the hospital for treatment. His family has been informed.

Koh Samui rescue chief Suthipong Thongruang said: “Rescue officers took more than forty minutes to walk up the cliff before they found the injured person.

“He was laying on a large boulder wailing in pain. There was also a group of friends with him. Some of them seemed to be teenagers.

“The injured tourist was given first aid for a 5cm deep cut on his head and a broken hip.

“He was put on a stretcher which was lowered down the rocks and taken to the hospital. As the stretcher moved, the injured tourist groaned from the pain.”

The rescue boss said the group wanted to go to the top of the waterfall to take pictures of the view.

He said: “Tourists must follow the warning signs at the waterfall to prevent accidents. Anyone who violates the warnings may die.

“The group was lucky because the injured person landed on a boulder. He would not have survived if he had fallen all the way down.”

Joshua and his group of seven other friends who joined him on the trek told officials they “did not see” the danger signs ordering them not to go any further.

Officials have now made renewed calls for tourists to avoid going to the top of the waterfall, where another tourist Nane-Iosana Bodea, 23, died in May this year while taking a selfie.

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