Celebrate Ugadi with 3 Delicious Ready-to-Eat Traditional Dishes

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Ugadi 2023: Ugadi is a festive occasion that signifies the onset of the New Year with the arrival of spring (Getty Images)

Let this Ugadi be an occasion where you stay connected with your roots and feel the taste and warmth of home even away from home with these festive dishes

Ugadi heralds the beginning of the New Year as spring makes its wayThis joyous festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is accompanied by traditional delicacies that evoke fond memories. Although these dishes are typically prepared and shared at home, modern and convenient formats of traditional Ugadi fare enable millennials and Gen Z who live away from their homes to stay connected with their roots and partake in the festive spirit. Prerna Tiku, General Manager, Marketing, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. shares products that appeal to Indian consumers.

Here are three festive dishes for Ugadi:

Chitranna, enjoyed in 2 ways: lemon and tomato rice –

These tangy rice options are flavorful and loved by all. Available in ready-to-eat, heat-and-eat formats, they need no cooking. Also known as Chitranna in Karnataka or Nimmakaya Pulihora in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana regions. The remarkable spicy, tangy, and nutty flavour is created by the right combination of sour and spicy notes with fried nuts, aromatic herbs, and spices. The nuts provide the rice dish with the ideal amount of crunch. This Ugadi, relive the nostalgia of your warm family lunches with ready-to-eat lemon and tomato rice.

Bisibele Bath

Bisibele bath, a well-rounded traditional dish and a trademark delicacy from Karnataka, is one of the state’s most popular rice dishes. Made with rice, lentils, a range of vegetables, and special spice powder, this dish spells comfort in a bowl. With the contemporary ready-to-eat bisibele bath, a delicious and complete dinner can be quickly prepared at home this festive season.


A traditional South Indian dessert called seviyan payasam is made with vermicelli, milk, ghee, sugar, and dried fruits. This delectable can be made easily using an easy-to-use payasam mix in 15 minutes by just adding milk. No festival is complete without a bowl of payasam. So give in to your sweet craving this Ugadi with the goodness of dry fruits, milk, and vermicelli. Serve it sizzling hot, and serve it with grace on every special occasion.

Let this Ugadi be an occasion where you can stay connected with your roots and feel the taste and warmth of home even away from home with ready-to-eat festive dishes.

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