Destiny 2’s top five weapons for fighting against other players in PvP

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DESTINY 2’s most popular mode is PvE, but PvP still has its own community of dedicated players. 

A different set of skills is needed for PvE, and some weapons are better in Crucible or Trials of Osiris than they are in Nightfall or Raid.


There are plenty of great weapon choices in Destiny 2.Credit: Bungie

If you want more consistent success for these modes on Destiny 2, then you have to start with the right loadout.

Here are the top five weapons to try in Destiny 2 Nightfall and Raid.

Ace of Spades (Exotic Hand Cannon)

Hand Cannons are popular in PvP battles, and it’s easy to see why. While there are multiple options, Ace of Spades is definitely one of the best.

Its Memento Mori intrinsic trait supercharges the next shot after you kill and reload. This extra firepower can make all the difference.

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This trait also keeps your radar active when you aim down the sights. The Firefly perk also helps with explosive headshots.

The downside is that the gun’s exotic status means that it can not be paired with another high-powered exotic in another slot.

However, it’s easy to pick up; just grab an exotic cipher and the materials and head over to the Monument to Lost Lights, to pick yours up.

Paired with a Memory of Cayde cloak on a knife-juggling Hunter for a great tribute to Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6.

Dead Man’s Tale (Exotic Scout Rifle)

You could unlock this one through the excellent Presage mission on the abandoned space station, and it is well worth doing.

The Cranial Spike intrinsic trait makes this a satisfying and effective Scout Rifle with bonus damage on precision hits.

While very entertaining in PvE as you land crit after crit, in PvP the extra firepower can mean the difference between life and death.

Scout Rifles may not be as popular as Hand Cannons or Shotguns, but if this is your weapon type of choice, the Dead Man’s Tale is for you.

It can be quite hard to get your hands on, but if it’s already in your arsenal, give this one a whirl.

Felwinter’s Lie (Legendary Shotgun)

Legendary Shotguns are one of the most common weapon types on every PvP list, as Destiny 2 is known for its stealth, close combat play.

While The Chaperone is a common choice in this category, we prefer Felwinter’s Lie.

The Shot Package perk makes this one particularly strong, where you reduce the spread of your shot by aiming down the sights.

Its handling is better than anything else in the game, and can be purchased at the Monument to Lost Lights.

For Chaperone fans, you have to wait for an exotic quest which can drop at the end of a Crucible run.

Telesto (Exotic Fusion Rifle)

Telesto not only has fans, it has dedicated devotees, due to its perk Unplanned Reprieve.

Its projectiles stick to enemies or walls and then detonate with a slight delay.

The uniqueness of this weapon led Bungie to disable it, but now it’s back with its attributes slightly changed.

If you don’t want to wield the weapon that literally broke the game, then there are plenty of options for Fusion Rifle fans.

Main Ingredient, Plug One, and Null Composure make suitable substitutes, but none feel quite as satisfying as Telesto.

Gjallarhorn (Exotic Rocket Launcher)

This is one of Destiny 2’s most iconic weapons, and Bungie taught it some new tricks for its 30th anniversary.

Any Rocket Launcher is usable in Crucible or Trails in your lesser-used weapon slot.

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However, the Gjallarhorn is the best due to its Wolfpack Rounds that produce extra projectile on contact.

These circle round to deal extra damage, which can be all the difference in PvP play.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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