Do Green Tea Or Other Tea Blends Contribute To Weight Loss Journey? Here Is What You Need To Know

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Green tea can be a part of your lifestyle but it cannot be the be all and end all of it. (Image: Shutterstock)

A lot of people tend to believe that consuming green tea and various other tea blends can aid weight loss, but that is just not enough. Read on to know more-

A hot cup of green tea or any other weight loss tea blends – are often marketed as the golden elixir that can solve all your health problems. All you have to do is brew a spoonful of green tea/weight loss tea in a cup of hot water and drink it daily. You can have it with ginger, honey, lemon, herbs, flowers, fruits, and a million other combinations.

Is it healthy? Yes.

But does it contribute to your weight loss journey? The answer is a big NO!

Miten Kakaiya, fitness coach & founder of Miten Says Fitness, says “There are no added benefits or compounds present in green tea that can help you lose weight by just drinking two cups of it daily. Green Tea, weight loss teas, etc are just marketing gimmicks that put you in a never-ending loop of confusion.”

Green Tea/Weight loss tea contributes to Weight loss: This is just half the truth!

Green Tea is often associated with weight loss because of its thermogenic effects. Some food groups burn more calories than are consumed. The potential thermogenic effects of these food groups often trigger weight loss but to a limited extent. The natural phenol and antioxidants present in Green Tea help induce thermogenesis but just one or two cups of green tea daily are too little a quantity for it.

Green Tea contains natural antioxidants that promote gut health, aid in increasing immunity, etc. But again, large quantities of green tea are required to have any potential effect of it on the body. Which is practically impossible for anyone.

Md. Abid Hossain, fitness coach of Hell-Beant Fitness Studio, says “A lot of people think that green tea alone has the capacity to help one shed a good amount of weight but that in no way is the truth. It can only suppress one’s hunger and appetite.”

Bottom Line: Drinking Green Tea or any Weight Loss Tea daily alone DOES NOT aid weight loss!

What contributes to your weight loss journey?

Fundamentally, you can only lose weight in two ways, reducing calorie intake, or increasing daily energy expenditure.

Weight loss /fat loss is not a quick solution, it’s a lifestyle change that one needs to adapt to. Here are a few things that genuinely contribute to a healthy weight loss or fitness journey!

Calorie Deficit: The total amount of energy you spend in a day is calculated as your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). It is the sum of calories you burn in a day. So if you want to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit – that is to make sure that your daily calorie intake is less than your daily TDEE.

You can do this by either consuming fewer calories than you burn in a day or burning more calories than you consume in a day. You have to manage your food intake very closely to maintain this.

Active Lifestyle: Increase your activities to burn more energy than you consume in a day. Daily workouts, yoga, pilates, dancing, jogging, etc are some ways you can stay active and burn more energy in a day to aid weight loss.

Balanced Meals: Apart from managing calories, you should focus on eating food that nourishes your body and contributes to your fitness goals. Make sure your food includes all macro and micronutrients in required quantities to keep the body healthy and active at all times.

Green Tea / Weight Loss Teas do not contribute to your weight loss journey. Your lifestyle, diet, and habits do. As fitness is not a one-time advent, it’s a lifestyle! For effective & sustainable weight loss, one must consult an expert to guide you with the journey and help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

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