Fire Emblem Engage Showcases The Somniel Hub In New Trailer

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Nintendo has released a new gameplay trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, giving an insight into what leisure activities players can do outside of combat, such as strength training, animal farmyard, fishing, and friend socializing. The trailer also highlights the town of Somniel, which players will use as their hub base between missions.

Fire Emblem Engage offers different facilities and features that players can unlock in the Somniel. First off, players will have their own room, where they can interact with items and rest before fighting. Resting will also allow players to progress in time and advance to the next mission. Players can visit shops to purchase new items, as they can also obtain secondary items like potions. Furthermore, cosmetic items such as vests, jackets, stoles, glasses, and other outfits will be available to unlock in the Boutique for players to specialize their characters.


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The ability to unlock skills, abilities, and weapons is also available if players have a higher bond between the character and the Emblem Ring. It is located in a special chamber where players can also obtain Bond Rings with different bonuses. As for socializing, the character can interact with units and friends between missions, learn more about their stories, and join other activities together. Players can also organize meals with up to two units and socialize them to increase their bond. These daily activities not only improve the character’s soft skills but also help players to empower their bonds with units to unlock special skills in the Emblem Ring.

There are many returning features from previous games, including gift-giving, mini-games, and fishing. Another way to increase the bond with units is to give them gifts, which can be found as players explore the Somniel. Moreover, as players progress in the story, they can take part in mini-games to earn rewards. They can fish up to cook for their units and join strength training to increase stats before missions. Wyvern Ride Target Practice and Fortune Teller are the two other activities that players can take part in outside combat.

Fire Emblem Engage is a turn-based, tactical RPG that allows players to team up with characters like Sigurd, Celica, and Marth to bring peace to the Continent of Elyos. It will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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