Fortnite X My Hero Academia Collab Reveals Full Lineup Of Characters And Items

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After teasing earlier that it would launch this Friday, the Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration event has gone live. With the launch, Epic Games has released details on all the new character skins, items, and emotes that will be available with the update, alongside the new area, game type, and missions players will be able to enjoy with the event.

Originally, fans had only glimpsed the character Deku, along with his Smash attack, in Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 launch trailer, hinting at the collaboration to come. The official Fortnite Twitter account later clarified that a full event with My Hero Academia would launch on December 16.


RELATED: Fortnite Confirms My Hero Academia Collab On December 16That time is now, and Fortnite has celebrated with a new trailer for the launch, and of course, all the tie-in loot therein. The Fortnite x My Hero Academia event will run through December 29, giving players about two weeks to complete its quests and earn the special rewards. These include sprays featuring Deku and All Might with his ‘Plus Ultra’ catchphrase, an emoticon of Deku’s glove, and special Back Bling styled after a U.A. cape.

The quests can be completed in the new area built in the game for the event: The Hero Training Gym island. This arena allows players to earn Rescue Points, a reference to an early story arc in the My Hero Academia manga and anime, by scoring eliminations or capturing special areas, with the first team to make it to 100 Rescue Points winning.

Of course, the main draw of the event for fans will be the skins, and seeing which My Hero Academia characters will be available to run into battle-wielding firearms to noscope the likes of Goku and Naruto. To that end, Fortnite revealed four characters who will be available, along with their accompanying items and emotes. Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, All Might, Bakugo, and Ochaco are all added, along with matching Pickaxes and Back Bling for their skins. Deku and All Might also get emotes themed after them, with Deku jotting down analysis notes, and All Might striking a ‘Symbol of Peace’ pose, as well as both getting built-in transformation-based emotes. Deku shows off his Full Cowl transformation, and most importantly in this whole suite of added items, All Might transforms between his superhero form and his ‘Small Might’ look using an emote.

Finally, players will be able to find the item that was the first thing ever seen from this collaboration: Deku’s Smash. An equippable item attack not unlike the Kamehameha from the Dragon Ball collab, this move will let players execute Deku’s distinctive powered-up punch.

Given the inescapable popularity of both Fortnite and My Hero Academia, this event will likely see just as much engagement as the aforementioned Naruto and Dragon Ball crossovers. Fans have already been posting clips of characters like All Might incongruously performing the game’s Bounce Wit’ It dance move. Perhaps it’s all only appropriate though, with the high-school characters of U.A. being the types who would be into Fortnite and prone to pulling of its dances in real life.

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