Gary Glitter returns jail ballet girls clips

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Pop paedophile Gary Glitter was returned to jail for gawping at clips of girls as young as eight performing ballet routines.

The 78-year-old has been told he must spend at least another year in jail after being caught scrolling through footage on YouTube and TikTok.

He was found to have been looking at girls in leotards and short skirts in ballet shows and doing gymnastic exercises.

Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, claimed he was watching them only because of his interest in the performing arts — but parole officials felt it showed he might still be lusting after young girls.

A source said: “The main reason he is back behind bars is because it was found he was actively searching and viewing videos of young girls.

“He clearly still has an interest in young girls and has not reformed at all.”

Glam rocker Glitter, who had a strong of chart hits in the 1970s, was released in early February halfway through a 16-year prison sentence for historical sex attacks on three young girls.

But within weeks The Sun on Sunday obtained footage of him at a halfway house hostel discussing net browsers and the dark web.

He was recalled to jail and is now in specialist sex offenders’ prison HMP The Verne in Dorset, UK.

During checks on his phone, it was found he had been looking at the videos but also had downloaded and then deleted an app called DuckDuckGo which gives access to the dark web.

Glitter, first jailed in 1999 after being caught with 4000 child abuse images on his laptop, was unable to delete his browsing history on his phone, which was remotely monitored.

His Offender Management Unit ruled his recall was lawful.

He has been told it will be at least a year before he can reapply for parole — and, given his history of offending, may have to serve the remainder of his sentence.

It could mean he will die in jail.

A source said: “Glitter is furious about it and was shouting at one of his offender management team during a meeting this week.

“He tried to insist he was stitched up, by someone in the hostel, and the Sun on Sunday.

“He has even claimed he was only looking at the videos because he is interested in the performing arts.

“But the experts were not convinced by that and concluded he is still an obvious danger.

“The phone came back clean for indecent images — but that may be because he didn’t know how to get any.

“But his activity showed he downloaded then deleted a dark web app.

“So the original story in the paper was crucial in leading police and probation to finding out what he was doing.

“It is hard to see how he could ever be categorised as less dangerous, so eligible for release.

“I would not be surprised if he had to serve the remaining eight years of his sentence, and therefore died in jail.”

Richard Scorer, solicitor for one of his victims, said: “This new information reinforces every fear my client has about Glitter and the risk he poses to children.

“It confirms his sickening sexual obsession with young girls which is no surprise given his previous convictions for sex crimes against victims in this age range.

“He remains a serious danger to children and the priority now must be to ensure that he remains locked up for as long as possible.

“To allow him back on the streets again would be madness.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “The Deputy Prime Minister will do everything in his power to keep dangerous offenders like Paul Gadd behind bars and is toughening the parole system to keep the public safe.”

This article originally appeared on the The Sun and was reproduced here with permission

Originally published as Gary Glitter returns to jail for ogling clips of ballet girls as young as eight

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