Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2022 Goop gift guide is as outlandish and over-the-top as you’d expect

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness brand Goop has unveiled its 2022 holiday gift guide, and it’s full of its usual array of outlandish and over-the-top present suggestions.

This year, Goop’s team of buyers and editors, who the website notes devote the “bulk of the year to researching, prepping, and tracking presents that elicit joy and wonder,” have divided the gifts into 10 sections, which means it is easier than ever to peruse the guide for present inspiration, both in and beyond our budgets.

According to the 2022 version of the annual list, Goop has curated the perfect presents for everyone from the men in our lives to those who love to travel.

The guide also includes gifts for your significant other, a “forward-to-your-significant-other” list, and suggestions for children, while the guide wouldn’t be complete without Goop’s “ridiculous but awesome” gifts.

From a $15,700 “naturally cool” underground cellar, which promises to “keep your food cool without using a refrigerator,” to a $299 joint-rolling machine, these are some of the standout gifts from this year’s Goop gift guide.

As to be expected, the majority of unconventional holiday gifts are located in Goop’s “ridiculous but awesome” section, which the company acknowledges blurs the line between “ridiculous and awesome”.

This year, the list includes some relatively tame, albeit pricey, suggestions, such as a $29,495 men’s Rolex Daytona watch and a $8,950 Chanel purse.

However, as to be expected, the selection also includes some rather unique options, including a $28,500 “Tufted Boudoir Chaise,” which is advertised as being “for their bedroom, living room, sex dungeon, what have you,” and a package of $74 “free range compost,” aptly called “The Good Sh*t”.

The 2022 list of ridiculous gifts also includes a $50 hair colour kit for dogs, which is “vegan and approved by veterinary dermatologists,” and a 10oz gold bar of varying price, which can also be used as a paperweight.

Goop recommends buying a loved one a gold bar this holiday season


When it comes to the lover’s gift guide, Goop has included 11 various vibrators, as well as miscellaneous suggestions, such as a $380 crystal whip, a $120 tray of wild sea urchin roe, and $300 Framed Lover’s eye Portrait, which is described as a “custom oil painting of the window of their soul”.

Goop also claims to have us covered when it comes to those on our holiday lists interested in wellness, as the company notes that its 2022 guide includes a selection of “fundamental and unexpected tools, experiences, and accessories” with these individuals in mind.

The majority of gifts in this selection are predictable, as it is composed of a curated list of linen sheets, tennis balls, sneakers, and skincare. However, it wouldn’t be Goop without some unexpected suggestions, with the list also including multiple vibrators, a $100 private healing session, which includes energy cleansing followed by a “custom herbal protocol,” and a $299 phone that only allows users to call, next, navigate, listen to music and podcasts, and set alarms during their “next social media detox”.

According to Goop, it has also made shopping for the men in our lives easy with this year’s gift guide, especially if they are in the market for a $36,000 Hermes Birkin Rock bag, a $995 book about cigars, or a $5,800 Mercedes e-bike.

Goop recommends pricey book about cigars for the men on your holiday list


If you are searching for gifts slightly more low-key, the guide also includes suggestions such as a $250 dominoes set, a $499 pizza oven, and a pair of $95 cashmere socks.

Travel-lovers are likely to be pleased with the gift suggestions on this year’s list, which includes a four-week “abroad experience for adults” with varying prices, a customisable “luxury travel trailer” starting at $339,995, and a $35 mini handy pillow, which can be used to nap anywhere, while the cook’s gift guide includes a $30 tin of hand-harvested saffron threads and a pasta-of-the-month club that costs just $70 for three months.

If you plan to pass hosting duties on to literally anyone else this holiday season, Goop has ensured you don’t show up empty-handed. According to the wellness company, hosts are sure to enjoy a $185 caviar gift set or a $85 Everlasting Flower Garlic Braid, which it describes as a “different kind of edible arrangement”.

This year’s gift guide also includes a selection of gifts for babies, children and teenagers. “What do babies, toddlers, tweens, and teens have in common? They’ve all been waiting for this moment all year,” the guide states, before urging individuals to “gift accordingly”.

For babies, or rather the parents of babies, Goop recommends $25 bath bombs and a $36 dim sum playdough set, while children are expected to enjoy a $49 nail polish colour maker or a $490 dinosaur necklace. When it comes to teens, the company suggests, among other ideas, a $549 electric longboard.

As for the list of gifts to forward to your significant other, Goop believes this guide should include various pieces of expensive jewellery, such as a $53,000 Cartier watch, or a $850 Avenue of the Stars “Super Power” Facial. If neither of those will do, Goop also recommends a $3,495 Backgammon set. “You know what they say: the couple that plays together stays together,” Goop claims.

While the Goop holiday gift guide wouldn’t be what it is without the extravagant, pricey suggestions, the company also knows that not everyone can afford a $250,000 vintage Ford Bronco, which is why it also includes its list of gifts under $100.

This year’s list includes various skincare, beauty and wellness products, as well as some more unusual suggestions, such as a $68 eyewear stand, a $55 jump rope, and a set of four Kama Sutra Dinner Napkins, available for $88.

You can find Goop’s 2022 holiday gift guide here.

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