Hogwarts Legacy Shows Off Character Creation In 45 Minute Gameplay Showcase

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Hogwarts Legacy recently streamed an extended gameplay showcase, which showed off a detailed walkthrough of the game’s character creator, as well a short tour of the castle and a combat gameplay overview. Though the character models themselves had a nice graphical fidelity to them, the character creation options were unfortunately quite limited.

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As is common, the player first chooses from a large selection of preset characters in order to pick the one closest to what they want and customize from there. However, unlike more fleshed-out creators, you can’t adjust anything in your character’s face, you simply have to choose between fifteen previously created face shapes. It does appear as though different presets will provide different face shape options, as some preset character faces seemingly don’t show up in the second panel, however, those second icons are much smaller, so it’s difficult to be certain.


The player does seem to have a wide range of skin tones available, as well as numerous hairstyles and colors that aren’t divided by gender, so you can mix and match as you please. Hogwarts Legacy will also let you add glasses or face scars to your character, but the options are noticeably few, with only three pairs of glasses and ten total scar patterns. Finally, when it comes to looks, it offers various subtle complexion differences, some freckles or moles, eye color, and eyebrow variation. There is seemingly no body customization at all.

Hogwarts Legacy will let you select from two voices for your character, one that sounds more feminine and one more masculine, each with five available pitches. This creator also revealed that the game will have 4 difficulty options; Story, Easy, Normal, and Hard. As the developers themselves noted, players will not select their house during the character creation process, meaning that it will happen later in-game.

The rest of the presentation featured the main character walking around a handful of castle areas and speaking to some fellow students, as well as the first detailed explanation as to how the game’s combat will function. Overall, the showcase was received very positively, with most fans eagerly anticipating getting their hands on what’s likely going to be the biggest Harry Potter game ever content-wise. Some fans had only minor complaints about the character creator and the facial animations looking a bit stiff during dialogue sequences.

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