Hollywood star reveals his cheeky trick to avoid being annoyed by passengers on a plane

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HOLLYWOOD actor Neil Patrick Harris has revealed the cheeky way in which he avoids having to put up with annoying passengers while on planes.

The How I Met Your Mother actor is no different to most people when boarding a flight, in that he doesn’t like to be bothered by irritating passengers sitting next to him.


Neil Patrick Harris revealed his method to stop people talking to him on planesCredit: The Mega Agency

While he doesn’t necessarily mind conversations with strangers, Neil just said that he would rather it be on his own terms than theirs.

In an interview about his flying habits, he admitted that he has a trick to make sure that always happens.

He told Thrillist that he puts his headphones on to make it look like he’s listening to something to dissuade anyone from striking up a conversation.

That way he can judge whether or not he would enjoy speaking to the people next to him or not.

He said: “I use noise-cancelling headphones. I don’t actually listen to anything but it keeps overly nervous or chatty people from talking incessantly.

“It’s not to be rude — it’s just that’s the big questionable variable when you’re on a flight.

“That person next to you might be nice, or they might be angry, or chatty. When I have headphones on, the rules are mine to make.”

Not everyone can be kept quiet on planes however and Neil’s kids, like most, require special measures to try and prevent them from making as much noise as possible.

The actor said that he and his husband relax their usually-strict iPad time allowances during flights, to make sure his kids are well occupied and as quiet as possible.

Other parents however use much-less high tech methods, including a parent, whose name is Ayelet, who runs a parenting blog, providing hints and tips to mums and dads.

In a video she shared on Instagram her child Yitzchak is seen ripping bits of tape off the window of a plane.

She explains that it is blue painter’s tape, which can be bought online for as cheap as £1.50.

On Ayelet’s blog, she said that she didn’t bring any toys for Yitzchak to play with for the holiday, claiming they would not have kept him entertained on the flight.

She said: “We brought zero toys. My reasoning was we are going to be so active while on the trip we wouldn’t have much time to play with them.

“My reasoning for not bringing toys on the flight is I did not think they would entertain him for long enough to make it worth the space.”

Instead Yitzchak was provided with the tape, with Ayelet cutting it into strips for him to peel off the window and walls of the plane.

Ayelet explained that the tape was also useful for keeping the toddler entertained in their accommodation.

She said: “It’s easy to pack and provides so much entertainment. We put pieces on the wall and window on the plane and he peeled them off. Repeat.”

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Meanwhile, this parent revealed their genius hacks for travelling with small children.

And this flight attendant revealed how they keep children quiet on planes.

Neil recommends putting headphones on to stop people striking up a conversation


Neil recommends putting headphones on to stop people striking up a conversationCredit: Getty

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