Home and Away hunk Ethan Browne opens up about real-life marriage

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Ethan Browne feared he had ruined his life, but nowadays he puts his soap opera fame and a Hollywood dream down to being a teenage dad at 16.

The Home and Away hunk dreams of making the leap to Hollywood after making hearts swoon on the Channel 7 soap as heartthrob Tane Parata.

His long-awaited will-they-or-won’t-they wedding tonight to Jacqui Purvis’ character Felicity will steal the thunder as the show chalks up its 8000th episode of melodrama down at Summer Bay.

Off screen, Browne reveals how his own teenage antics drove him to become a star and a household face.

“I became a dad when I was 16,” the 32-year-old tells The West Australian ahead of his TV altar date.

“It was definitely hard at the start. When I found out — you are just a teenager, you are not expecting that and you think ‘ah man, my life is over’,” the New Zealander admits.

“(But) no, it’s definitely not. In fact it’s the total opposite. Having my daughter young meant I really strived for better and really pushed myself at school and chasing my dreams. My daughter was the real driving force behind my success. I wanted to do well for her and be her role model and that is what I am still doing.”

He adds, “You can either go one way or the other. I decided to use it as a driving force and it has worked out.”

Camera IconHome and Away’s Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis set to wed on screen. Credit: Unknown/7 Network

Sixteen-year-old Aaylah also serves as a reality check for dad.

While he thinks he must be the coolest dad at the school gates by default — “I like to think so!” he jokes — his mini-me doesn’t agree.

“I will go to pick her up and she will still be embarrassed. Maybe I am not as cool as I thought I was!” Browne says.

“I am only young. I am a fun young dad. She is more focused on friends and making TikTok videos. She hasn’t asked me to star in one yet. I said I would happily jump in one but she doesn’t like being around me for some reason! That’s basically it.”

His Hollywood ambition is not just for himself but also for Aaylah and his long-term partner, Shayne Edwards, as he’d love to ship them off with him.

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