How to get free Netflix premium for a year

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For a limited time, Verizon customers can get a year of Netflix’s premium tier streaming plan for free, an offer Verizon says amounts to “$240 in annual savings” — but there’s a catch. It’s part of a promotion for Verizon’s +play content hub, now launching in beta form for Verizon customers.

The +play service — phoneticized as “Plus Play” — will operate as a platform for customers to access and manage streaming services, in addition to their Verizon accounts. The platform will operate as the central place where users access services like Netflix.

So how does the “free” 12-month Netflix subscription offer work?

To claim the offer, customers must purchase either an annual or seasonal subscription to one of a few other streaming offerings on +play. This includes season subscriptions to NBA League Pass or NFL+ Premium or an annual subscription to AMC+, Peloton App, Calm or Super Duolingo, Verizon says.

These services each have separate costs, billed either annually or seasonally, but customers only need to purchase one to get the Netflix offer.

Here’s a breakdown of the streaming services/applications and their costs:

AMC+ (entertainment) — $83.88 annually
NFL+ Premium (sports) — $24.99 seasonally
NBA League Pass (sports) — $89.99 seasonally
Calm (meditation/wellness) — $69.99 annually
Peloton App (fitness) — $129.99 annually
Super Duolingo (language education) — $83.99 annually

Verizon said more functionality and content will be added to the service, in addition to “a wider customer base” after the initial beta launch is complete. Currently only Verizon mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home customers can participate.

“We’re partnering with Netflix to offer customers all of their favorite content and a special offer only available in +play,” Erin McPherson, Verizon’s chief content officer, said in a statement. “This is a huge milestone for Verizon and the industry as a whole, and we’re incredibly proud to continue to be trailblazers in the new era of content and subscription services.”

And if you’re wondering if +play will be compatible with your Apple TV or Roku devices, a Verizon spokesperson confirmed the platform will work.

More information about +play is available at Verizon’s official website.

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