I’m a flight attendant – here’s why you should never sleep for the first two hours of a flight

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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed why going to sleep on flights could leave you feeling hungry by the end of your trip.

In a thread on social media site Reddit, flight attendants were asked if they were supposed to wake sleeping passengers during food service, or simply let them sleep.


Sleeping on planes could lead to passengers missing their in-flight mealCredit: Getty

The person asking the question explained that they had been asleep on a flight before and had to go without their food as a result, but wondered if that was normal.

They asked: “My mother and I were on an international flight back to the United States.

“It was dinner and we were both sleeping during the time and we were skipped and she had to call the flight attendants back to us.

“Are you guys not supposed to disturb us? I’m not mad about that I’m just curious.”

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Several flight attendants responded to the question, explaining that they were expected to let people snooze, even if it is during meal service.

One said: “Flight attendants aren’t supposed to wake you up.

“A lot of people actually don’t want to be disturbed during the flight and they would be highly annoyed if we did.”

Another wrote: “Surveys have shown that over half of travellers just want rest.

“How would you feel if you settled into a good sleep for someone to wake you up for a coke and a Biscoff?”

However, for those of you who like to both snooze and eat during a flight, you don’t necessarily have to pick between the two.

The flight attendants explained that for those who sleep through dinner service, meals will often be kept aside for when they wake up.

One said: “If a flight attendant skips you because you were sleeping and you still want to be served, we just expect you to let us know and we will gladly bring you your meal or drink/snack.”

Another advised: “If you plan to sleep but want the meal/snack/pretzels, put your tray table down. We’ll leave your items without waking you.”

While most people want to sleep on flights, cabin crew aren’t always keen on the methods some passengers use to nod off.

Flight attendant Arina Bloom explained that lots of passengers take sleeping medication so they can get some shut eye on a plane.

But she said you shouldn’t ever do it as it might not be clear that you’re asleep and you could end up giving cabin crew a shock.

She told Insider: “When I started flying in 2019, I noticed a passenger looking unconscious to me.

“I tried to wake him up by shaking him but he didn’t respond, so I panicked and called my colleagues for help.

“I was about to ask for a medical professional onboard or perform first aid, but it turned out the passenger was a heavy sleeper and it looked like he’d used some sleeping medication.

“You might not want to scare your crew by taking drowsy medication on a flight.”

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Another flight attendant revealed what passengers should never do when eating plane food.

This is the food item you should avoid, according to Ryanair cabin crew members.

Flight attendants have said they would bring people food after if they miss their meal


Flight attendants have said they would bring people food after if they miss their mealCredit: Getty

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