I’m the world’s tallest woman – I’ve just fulfilled a lifelong dream that most people would take for granted

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THE world’s tallest woman has fulfilled her lifelong dream of flying on a plane after an airline removed six seats to make room for her.

Rumeysa Gelgi, 25, stands at an incredible 7ft 7in due to a rare genetic disorder called Weaver syndrome, which causes her to grow excessively.


Rumeysa Gelgi was crowned the world’s tallest woman by Guinness World Records
The 25-year-old took her first ever plane ride in September


The 25-year-old took her first ever plane ride in SeptemberCredit: instagram
Turkish Airlines gave her the VIP treatment after ripping out six seats so she could fit


Turkish Airlines gave her the VIP treatment after ripping out six seats so she could fitCredit: instagram

She was officially crowned the tallest woman alive by Guinness World Records earlier this year.

The Turkish native typically uses a wheelchair to travel around in, however, she can also move with the help of a walking frame.

Although her height has never held her back in life, Rumeysa was unable to fulfill one of her dreams – until now.

Her towering stance means she is too long to fit in regular airline chairs – even as a child – leaving her unable to travel onboard a plane.

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But Rumeysa was finally able to take to the skies after Turkish Airlines made her wish come true.

The aviation company tore out six economy seats on one of its aircraft to make room for a unique feature for Rumeysa.

They were replaced by a specially-made stretcher for the world record holder to ensure she could stretch her legs.

Rumeysa flew from Istanbul, Turkey, to San Francisco in the US in September this year after the airline made the special adjustments.

She gushed about her first flight to her 19,500 Instagram followers, revealing she has already been bitten by the travel bug.

Rumeysa wrote: “A flawless journey from start to finish… this was my first plane ride but it certainly won’t be my last… heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has been a part of my journey.”

She also shared a snap of herself grinning in her custom seat alongside a beaming stewardess.

Another showed her being waited on by a host of crewmembers as she enjoyed her first ever plane journey.

Rumeysa, who works in the technology software industry, explained she plans to stay Stateside for at least six months.

She said she wants to further her career – while also cooking up another collaboration with Guinness World Records.

I like being different from everyone else.

Rumeysa Gelgi

Delighted Rumeysa said she has “never been so excited for the future before”.

She first hit the headlines back in 2014 when she was listed in the record books as the world’s tallest living teenager.

Rumeysa then rose through the ranks in 2021, when she earned the title of the world’s tallest woman.

The activist also held two other records including registering the longest finger on a living female at 4.40in and the longest back on a living woman at 23.58in.

She’s also got the largest female hands with her right measuring 9.81in and her left at 9.55in.

Despite the teasing she has suffered throughout her life, Rumeysa says she is emboldened by her lofty stature.

She decided to educate people about her condition in the hope of spreading awareness.

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“I like being different from everyone else,” she said.

She said her height “provides me with easy access to high places, and looking down at people from above isn’t a bad thing either!”

She described her first flight as 'flawless from start to finish'


She described her first flight as ‘flawless from start to finish’Credit: instagram
Rumeysa stands at an incredible 7ft and 0.7in tall


Rumeysa stands at an incredible 7ft and 0.7in tallCredit: Getty – Contributor

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