Incredible PoV video shows Ukrainian kamikaze drone smashing into Russian tank as crew desperately try to shoot it down

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INCREDIBLE PoV video shows the moment a Ukrainian kamikaze drone smashes into a Russian tank.

Drones have been a highly effective weapon for Kyiv’s troops in their battle Vladimir Putin’s forces and have been put to devastating use against armoured vehicles.


The kamizake drone swooping down on the armoured vehicle
One of the soldiers firing at the drone


One of the soldiers firing at the drone

Ukraine has been humiliating the mad tyrant in the war by wiping out much of Russia’s war machine.

The Russian death toll has surpassed 100,000, it has lost previously-captured territory and equipment has been destroyed by precise strikes.

In the new footage, a Russian armoured personnel carrier can be seen driving along a single track road in the countryside.

Gradually vehicle comes into sight with the two of the crew sitting in the open hatch.

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One of them is desperately firing his gun at the drone in a bid to shoot it down.

Just at the moment of impact, the other crewman can be seen rolling over with his feet in the air.

The footage the cuts out and it’s now known what happened to those inside.

Ukraine was sent deadly “kamikaze” Switchblade drones which can hover over a Russian tank for 40 minutes before striking at 115mph by the United States.

Earlier this year PoV video showed the remarkable moment a Russian tank erupted into a fireball after a Ukrainian kamikaze drone.

The footage obtained from the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine shows the crew of the tank blasted as they were said to have been sitting on the top boozing.

Another drone was used to blitz a Russian base while other dramatic footage showed the moment Russian tanks were obliterated after they were spotted hiding in back gardens.

And a further incredible clip showed a Russian tank being “vaporised” after three Ukrainian grenades ignited the ammo on board – creating a mega-blast.

Other PoV footage has shown what it looks like to be hit by a missile after Russia blasted a Ukrainian drone out of the sky.

The stealth device had been on a special mission to destroy Russian fuel and weapons depots when it was struck down by one of Mad Vlad’s troops.

Despite the loss, Ukraine’s 45th Separate Artillery Brigade, which carried out the attack, said it was successful in its attack on the Russian depot.

Experts fear Putin could be prepared to send up to one million Russians to slaughter for the war effort.

It is a military failure of incredible scale, with poorly trained and poorly equipped soldiers being sent to their deaths in muddy trenches.

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Putin’s military death toll is already more than six times higher than the Soviets lost in Afghanistan, and 20 times higher than US casualties in Iraq.

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