Is Santa Claus Real? How To Explain ‘Father Christmas’ To Your Kids

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Santa Claus is definitely a big deal if you have kids and celebrate Christmas. The season’s mascot is the cheery red man who has now become a staple holiday custom. The day will eventually come when most kids will ask, “Is Santa real?” regardless of how fantastical he may be. But if you approach the subject thoughtfully, it need not go wrong.

According to a 2018 study by The University Of Exeter in the United Kingdom, most youngsters stop believing in Santa Claus around the age of 8, even though children learn the truth about him at different periods. It typically doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, there is a gradual change that is anticipated by inquiries and subliminal cues.

How to Begin a Discussion About Santa Claus?

Many parents are unsure about the best time to talk to their kids about the Jolly Old Fellow. After all, you don’t want to bring up the subject too soon and ruin their Christmas spirit. In the event that they are looking for the truth, you shouldn’t withhold information. Really, it’s up to your judgement. Once you’ve decided to talk to your children about Father Christmas, here are some tips for broaching the subject.

Be open

It’s crucial to be as honest as you can while having the “Santa talk” with your children, especially if they are old enough. Make a setting where your youngster feels comfortable approaching you with questions.

Follow their lead

Your child will probably continue talking about Santa Claus after you get them started. Since kids are naturally curious, they will ask a lot of questions on their own. Give them your utmost attention. Be patient and respond to their inquiries with open-ended answers. Always decide what to tell them based on what they want to hear.

Explain the magic of Christmas

Parents could explain that Santa Claus truly embodies the spirit of Christmas and that everybody who exhibits kindness and giving during the holiday season carries on his legacy. Parents should also talk to their children about how they might practise the Christmas spirit in their own lives by being kind and giving to others, especially those who are in need.

Be prepared for big emotions

It’s crucial to keep in mind that strong emotions could follow, regardless of what you say or how you say it. When they discover the truth about Santa, some kids become upset. The discovery that SantaClaus isn’t real can leave some people angry and others heartbroken. Leave your child alone. Follow their direction and give them space to experience emotions and recover.

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