Kuro No Kiseki 2 Is Coming To Steam In January 2023

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The latest story arc of the Trails series will land on Steam in late January.

Cloud Leopard Entertainment has announced that the latest instalment in the Kiseki RPG series, The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II – Crimson Sin, will launch for PC via Steam on January 26, 2023. However, only Japanese audio with traditional Chinese and Korean subtitles will be available at launch.

The second entry in the hit Kiseki series was first released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 back on September 29th in Japan and October 27th in Asia. The Legend of Heroes: Kuro No Kiseki II – Crimson Sin introduces a new story chapter in the Republic of Calvard Saga, beginning with a mysterious incident in which CID (Central Intelligence Department) members have been found slaughtered in Edith.


Alongside the Calvard Police and Bracer Guild, the protagonist Spriggan Van Arkhide begins investigating the perpetrator behind the massacre. His encounter with Jolda and Ixs will take them on a journey that is inescapable.

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For those unfamiliar with the chronology, the game takes place after the events of the Cold Steel Erebonia arc and Legend Of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie, which recently received a western release date. In Kuro No Kiseki II, players will uncover the secret behind the accident in which the special operations squad has been slain by a mysterious culprit. They will also complete challenges spread around the Republic of Calvard to show their combat prowess. According to the development team, the Steam version will support 21:9 ultra-wide monitors to offer a wider field of view.

Combat in the Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II has been upgraded, now allowing players to change the battle system from field battles to turn-based style depending on circumstances. Furthermore, the LGC Alignment system increases the degree of player choice in combat, enabling them to change their character’s attributes to define a gameplay style. Not only does it provide a dynamic combat mechanism, but Kuro no Kiseki II also features a batch of new characters, each having their own stories, personalities, and goals that enrich the game’s plot.

Players who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will receive a content pack that includes attachment items, character costumes, and background music sets. Other than that, pre-ordering any of the Digital Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition before January 9th will grant players three downloadable pieces of content – Van’s Exclusive Mishy Suit, Holow Core Voice, and Agnes’s Z-1 Queen Costume.

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