Los Gatos wellness center brings cryotherapy, IV drips to the Bay Area

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Whether you’re sweating out toxins in the infrared sauna or entering the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber, Los Gatos’ newest wellness center has you covered.

Restore Hyper Wellness, located at 15557 Union Ave., offers several services like cryotherapy and IV drips that used to only be available to professional athletes, to boost health and improve performance, franchise owner Becky Keady said.

The wellness center opened in September and is one of nearly 180 stores nationwide. Keady said Los Gatos is the first of many locations she plans to open throughout the Bay Area.

“We’re membership-based because there’s so much to do here, and the services, you want to repeat them,” Keady said. “We always say to people, ‘If you’re working out every day — you’re working on your food, you’re working on your sleep — you should be working on your recovery with this as well.’”

Keady said she chose to open her first franchise in Los Gatos because of its “heightened awareness” for wellness.

Customers have access to services like red light therapy, which is said to boost your mood, and compression therapy, which reduces inflammation and supports the lymphatic system.

Nurse-administered IV drips are one of the more popular services, with customers coming in every week for a cocktail of B, C and D vitamins and other ingredients. Keady said Restore offers a “robust menu” of drips like Wonder Juice, the Defender and the Myers Cocktail.

Reema Ghannoum, a registered nurse who works at Restore, said IVs are much more effective than taking vitamins orally because the body absorbs 100% of nutrients through the bloodstream but just 20-30% through the gut.

The center also offers clinical, results-oriented skincare services, like the Hydrafacial which uses equipment to cleanse, hydrate and replenish the skin, and the Circadia Facial, which uses an exfoliating mask, an oxygen treatment mask and a hydrating mask.

Esthetician Emily Mendence said she recommends her clients come in once a month for the best results.

“What we do here is not a luxury; it’s an investment in yourself, and it’s necessary,” Mendence said.

Cryotherapy is a service geared toward optimizing sleep, defying signs of aging and boosting overall energy. Customers walk into two freezers set to minus-66 degrees and minus-165 degrees for less than three minutes.

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