Lost Ark’s The Artist Skin Will Be Censored “To Better Fit Western Norms”

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The Artist will be censored by Amazon Games to offer a compelling variety of customization options.

Lost Ark has confirmed that it will be censoring in-game skins in order to “better fit western norms”. The censorship will affect various skins, with the most notable one being changes to The Artist, an upcoming class which was announced as part of the game’s 2023 roadmap.

The Artist class was confirmed to be coming to Lost Ark in April 2023 as part of the game’s 2023 roadmap, which also features a Witcher collaboration event, a new continent, the Hanumatan Guardian raid, and Brelshaza difficulty level. Since its reveal as the new class, there has been speculation among players on how The Artist would appear in the Western version of the game.


Amazon Games has provided more information about the character’s censorship, promising that it will preserve the authenticity of the original game and that nothing gameplay-related will change for The Artist class.

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The publisher specified in a blog post that it works together with Smilegate RPG to make localization updates to ensure Lost Ark feels representative for Western players. The upcoming Artist class will be censored at her launch, with the character now having shorts added underneath her skirt. Other skins will see pant lengths adjusted and tights added to better fit Western norms. It has also been assured that the original spirits of the skins will be preserved and changes will be applied to offer a compelling variety of customization options.

Lost Ark welcomes the new year with a slew of playable content, starting in January 2023 with a Witcher collaboration event in which players will encounter iconic characters from The Witcher series on an all-new island. The event also features Witcher-themed cosmetics, cards, and emojis that will be available in the store. A new type of PvP, the 96-player Tulubik Battlefield, will arrive in the game, with Faction Rank 5 and Item Level 1490 required to participate. Players will also explore a new raid, called Hanumatan Guardian, to earn rewards and Ancient accessories.

The Artist class specializes in supporting roles for the party, as she can choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts to fight for her. Her gameplay gimmicks revolve around the Moonfall and Sunrise identities, allowing her to create Harmony orbs to strengthen party members with the power of Stroke and refill a single party member’s HP. All the details about the new playable content coming to Lost Ark in the first half of 2023 can be found here.

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