Love Capsule: I am in a relationship with my lover and her husband

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We have grown up listening and reading epic stories where people do anything for love. Love is such a powerful feeling that people will do anything to be with the one they love. So, getting motivated and inspired to do the same wasn’t really a difficult task for me. But to make a choice in my situation was.

I didn’t realise the woman I was falling for would make me take such a big step.

I have been a trainer for a long time. With ripped muscles and a great knowledge of gym training, I have always been one of the top trainers in my gym. I love my profession and it also made me meet the love of my life. One day she walked into the gym, confident and very eager to get into shape. She chose me as her trainer and we got started. Motivated, eager, happy and confident are all the right ways to describe her. I loved training her. She came everyday and never missed her sessions. It’s what drew me towards her, her shining personality.

She talked to me about everything and she even shared her first cheat meal with me. I guess that was the day when I realised I really liked this woman. She made me fall deeper in love with her. And I knew her feelings were the same for me.

She didn’t have a wedding ring when she came to our sessions. And so we talked about everything and I proceeded to be closer to her. We went out a few times and it wasn’t long before I ended up telling her about my feelings. To my surprise and happiness, she also felt the same! We began seeing each other. It was 3 months after she asked me to move in and when she told me the biggest secret of her life. She was married. But to a gay man. Her marriage was just a facade so that society wouldn’t make their life difficult. She had the freedom to be with any guy she wanted and her husband could see any other man he wished to.

I went to her house and saw that it was huge and that both of them had separate bedrooms. “Thank god, it won’t be a big problem” is what I had thought at that moment. But later that night, I met her husband. She introduced me to him and the three of us had dinner together. Now that we were officially dating, we both had a lot of fun together. It was wonderful staying with her. We had the time of our lives and it was nothing more than pure bliss.

However, after some time I began noticing that her husband was getting jealous. He used to be in a bad mood most of the time and did nothing to hide it. One day he stormed up to us and said that he felt really left out and didn’t want me to stay in the same house as him and his wife. I was flabbergasted by the sudden change. I rented out my apartment and there was nowhere I could suddenly go. And I couldn’t just leave my love because I couldn’t imagine staying apart from her.

She later suggested that I pay attention to her husband as well. I was shocked! How could she ask me to do this! But she explained that her husband would be completely okay with me living in the house if I payed attention to him and maybe…tend to his sexual needs as well. As terrifying as the idea sounds, I kept quiet. I needed to play my options here. I didn’t have a home since I moved in and my life was going perfectly fine with her. That night, as I entered the kitchen, her husband was already there and as I was about to leave, he pulled me in and went in for a passionate kiss. I felt repulsed at first but gave in. We made out. He pulled away and smiled. That was my cue to decide that I have to do what she suggested. And so, I began an affair with her husband at the same time.

I won’t lie. It hasn’t been that bad. I have been living with her for over a year now and have been in a relationship with her and her husband for a few months now. We have had threesomes together and undeniably, it feels really hot. Maybe it wasn’t all that bad as I had first anticipated. We three were friends in front of society and lovers behind doors.

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