Lunar Eclipse 2022: Everything you need to know about the last ‘Blood Moon’ of the year

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On November 8, India will witness the last lunar eclipse of the year 2022. This lunar eclipse will be visible from all parts of India and in select foreign countries too. For most people, the moment when the moon is eclipsed will be like a miracle occurring in our universe. Let’s take a look at when this event will take place in India and how we can see it with our naked eyes.
“On November 8, 2022, the Moon will pass into Earth’s shadow and turn red. This will be the last total lunar eclipse for about 3 years, so be sure to check it out if it’s visible in your area,” NASA tweeted last month.

Lunar eclipse 2022: Date, place and time
The last lunar eclipse of 2022 will take place on November 8 and a partial lunar eclipse is likely to take place at 4:44 AM EST (2:14 pm IST). The Blood Moon phase will start on November 8 at 5:17 AM EST (09:17 GMT) and end at 6:42 AM. EST (10:42 GMT). After this, a partial eclipse will be visible until 8:5 AM EST (1205 GMT).
As per a report by, the lunar eclipse will be visible from other parts of the globe namely– Iceland, parts of South America, Central Asia and Russia. While eastern Brazil and Argentina, northern Scandinavia and the Middle East will witness a penumbral lunar eclipse– a phase when the Moon is in the lighter penumbral shadow from Earth.

Often known as Blood Moon, a total lunar eclipse, happens as the full moon further moves into the deep umbral shadow of the Earth and receives the first filtered light by Earth’s atmosphere. In this phase, the moon turns a reddish-copper colour.
Lunar eclipse 2022: How to watch live stream
There are several YouTube channels listed on YouTube where users can live stream the upcoming lunar eclipse. will be live broadcasting the lunar eclipse via its mobile observatory based in Roswell, New Mexico. It will fetch live feeds from San Diego, California and Perth in Australia. The live stream is scheduled to begin at 4:00 AM EST (1:30 PM IST).
Attached below is the YouTube link.

LIVE: Total Lunar Eclipse – November 08, 2022

Is it safe to watch the lunar eclipse?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to watch the lunar eclipse via the naked eye. Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse neither damages the eyes nor requires any special tool to observe. If you are very interested in looking at it, then it is suggested to use a telescope or binoculars to view the eclipse.

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