Man, 42, almost dies while having sex with wife after passing out on top of her

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A MAN almost died during sex with his wife after he passed out on top of her.

The 42-year-old from Indonesia lost consciousness while having sex after his brain aneurysm suddenly exploded.


A man passed out on top of his wife after his deadly brain aneurysm explodedCredit: Getty
His scans show the aneurysm - a bulge in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain


His scans show the aneurysm – a bulge in the wall of a blood vessel in the brainCredit: ScienceDirect

The man was left with severe brain damage and medics warned he could have died.

The man vomited once and got weakness on the right side of his body before he collapsed over his wife in the middle of having sex.

He was taken to the emergency room three hours later, and had multiple full body seizures on the way.

Writing in Radiology Case Reports, medics said the unnamed man from Surabaya, East Java, had no history of trauma, headaches or drug usage.

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He was reported to have never taken blood thinners, antiplatelet drugs or sexual aphrodisiacs.

His wife also revealed that her husband’s left eyelid had closed slightly two months ago, a telling sign that there was an underlying problem.

The doctors who treated the 42-year-old found an aneurysm in his brain – a bulge or ballooning in the wall of a blood vessel.

During the steamy romp however, the aneurysm erupted which could have been fatal.

The rupture caused an acute subdural haematoma – a serious condition where blood pools between the skull and the surface of the brain.

But although doctors did not reveal what suddenly made his aneurysm burst, medical reports have indicated that strenuous exercise that causes a spike in heart rate and breathlessness can often be a trigger.

Studies have suggested that two-thirds of people who suffer an acute subdural haematoma survive, but half of those survivors are left with brain damage and disability.

According to medical professionals, the condition is known to be caused by a head injury but can also occur if an aneurysm bursts.

The man underwent thorough testing to assess his eye, speech and physical responses and the results indicated that his brain injury was severe.

Following the horror incident, doctors at Dr Soetomo General Hospital gave him anti-seizure medication Phenytoin, which is generally used to treat epilepsy seizures.

A week later the patient underwent surgery to repair his ruptured aneurysm and to relieve the swelling and pressure on his brain.

The man was lucky to survive this terrifying condition and has reportedly recovered the use of the right side of his body.

But he was left with permeant damage to the nerve in his left eye which controls movement of the muscles and helps focus.

The aneurysm erupted suddenly and could have had deadly consequences


The aneurysm erupted suddenly and could have had deadly consequencesCredit: ScienceDirect

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