Marjorie Taylor Greene: Democrats celebrate Marcus Flowers’s ‘dignified’ debate – is it enough?

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“I think he did well – I hope he helped people see through Marjorie, at least reasonable people.”

Democrats last represented the city of Rome, Georgia, almost 30 years ago.

So when people such as 72-year-old Sam Malone offer their opinion about their chances in this year’s race, it is probably as much from the heart as from the head.

Yet, as Democrats such as Malone gathered to watch their candidate, Marcus Flowers, go head-to-head with incumbent Marjorie Taylor-Greene in what was probably what will be the only debate event in this keenly-watched contest, they appeared to generally agree their man had held his own, and more.

“He’s got a great background,” Malone said, referring to Flowers’s military service. “And he’s a straightforward guy. She is always attacking people.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Ketanji Brown Jackson

Greene, 48, a former businesswoman who loudly repeated Donald Trump’s falsehoods about the 2020 election being stolen, has only served one term in Congress.

And yet her reputation for extreme bluntness – loved by her supporters and disliked by her critics – has helped turn the Democratic Party’s effort to oust her into the most expensive race in the country.

The campaign of Flowers, 47, an African American who wears a cowboy hat, and who has accused his opponent of racism, has gathered more than $10m, with donations pouring in from across the nation.

But in red, northwest Georgia, that may not be enough. Those gathered at Flower’s campaign office on Broad Street on Sunday evening, had to make use of their phones to Google with certainty, the name of the last Democrat to represent their city.

The 14th congressional district was only created in 2010 after a census, but the last Democrat to represent Rome when it was part of the old 11th district, was George “Buddy” Darden who served six terms but lost a reelection bid in 1994.

“I think this is one of the reddest districts in the country,” said Daniel Eason, 57, a long-time Democrat who was among those eating pizza and drinking soft drinks as they watched the debate being live-streamed from Atlanta.

Eason said they had previous candidates but that none had been as good, in his opinion, as Flowers.

Marjorie Taylor Greene debates Marcus Flowers in Georgia

(Screen grab)

“Another thing that is in our favour is the nature of our opponent,” he said. “She lacks what it needs to be a member of Congress.”

The debate only lasted 30 minutes, and for a few moments, the streaming stopped as the internet stopped.

During that half hour, there were plenty of cheers, as well as some gasps when Greene claimed that Democrats were the party of “child abuse”. She also claimed to have been a victim of the January 6 riots, and she insulted the debate moderators more than once.

Do political debates ever win over people unsure who to vote for?

Renee Fuller, 57, an operations manager, said she was such a person. She said she had been leaning towards voting Democrat, and after seeing Flowers speak, she said she felt more certain.

Democrats held a watch party for Marcus Flowers debate with Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

(Andrew Buncombe)

“He represented himself with dignity,” she said. “Whether or not you agreed with everything he said, he did not allow himself to get distracted.”

Flowers himself apparently thought he did well. Soon after the debate’s conclusion, he tweeted: “I just got off the debate stage with Marjorie Taylor Greene and it’s clear that our message is winning and she is rattled. Help us win this on November 8th. Chip in now!”

Greene tweeted a clip of herself in action, where she said: “The things I say in public are the truth, and that’s why they’re so offensive to Democrat activists and the media.”

The Independent had originally planned to attend both the Democratic Party watch party, and one with the Republicans, dividing time between the two, given their offices on Broad Street were just 100 metres apart.

As it was, the offices of the Floyd County Republican Party, the windows of which were filled with Greene’s exhortation to elect her to “save America” and “stop Communism”, were locked.

“The Floyd County Republican Party will not have a watch party for tonight’s debate,” the party said in a statement.

“However, we have full faith and confidence that Rep Greene will have a strong performance.”

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