Midterm polls and news: Biden calls protesters ‘idiots’ as Obama draws crowd for Fetterman in PA

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What are the US midterm elections and when are they due?

With only a few days of campaigning left before Election Day, senior Democrats are crisscrossing the nation in an effort to shore up the votes of candidates both in swing districts and to thwart unexpected threats in once-safe places.

President Joe Biden has campaigned in Albuquerque, San Diego, and Joliet, Illinois, and later will appear at an event in Philadelphia with former President Barack Obama to get out the vote for Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman. Mr Obama and Mr Fetterman held an event in Pittsburgh earlier on Saturday and Bernie Sanders is also campaigning in the state.

Polls appear to have narrowed significantly between Mr Fetterman and Republican opponent Dr Mehmet Oz. On Thursday night, Dr Oz’s former TV colleague Oprah Winfrey threw her support behind his rival.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton have spoken at events in support of New York Governor Kathy Hochul, facing a strong challenge from Republican Lee Zeldin.

Former President Donald Trump is also on trail with his Save America tour. In Iowa, he teased a 2024 campaign at an event nominally in support of Senator Chuck Grassley, and on Saturday night will be speaking in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.


Earlier: Manchin says Biden coal comments ‘divorced from reality’

President Joe Biden on Saturday was criticized by West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democratic antagonist and ally, for being “cavalier” and “divorced from reality” after vowing to shutter coal-fired power plants and rely more heavily on wind and solar energy in the future.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 19:00


Bill Clinton to campaign in Texas

Former President Bill Clinton will campaign in Laredo, Texas, on Monday for Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar on Monday morning, the day before the election.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 18:45


Carter Center to monitor US elections for the first time

The democracy promotion organisation founded by former president Jimmy Carter will monitor US elections for the first time during this year’s midterms.

The Carter Center has monitored more than 110 elections in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia since 1989 as part of democracy promotion efforts around the world. But it has never before carried out similar operations in the US.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 18:25


Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 18:16


White House says Biden coal remarks ‘twisted’ to suggest unintended meaning

Statement by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre:

President Biden knows that the men and women of coal country built this nation: they powered its steel mills and factories, kept its homes and schools and offices warm. They made this the most productive and powerful nation on Earth. He came to the White House to end years of big words but little action to help the coal-producing parts of our country. Working closely with Senator Manchin, a tireless advocate for his state and the hard-working men and women who live there, President Biden has helped get this part of the country back to work: the unemployment rate in West Virginia was 6.2% the last month before Joe Biden took office; now it is down to 4%. The President’s plans are already bringing new energy and manufacturing jobs to the region, and in the years ahead, will continue to create new jobs with projects like hydrogen energy generation. In fact, through the Working Group on Coal and Power Plant Communities, President Biden has already delivered more than $23 billion to energy communities across the country.

The President’s remarks yesterday have been twisted to suggest a meaning that was not intended; he regrets it if anyone hearing these remarks took offense. The President was commenting on a fact of economics and technology: as it has been from its earliest days as an energy superpower, America is once again in the midst of an energy transition. Our goal as a nation is to combat climate change and increase our energy security by producing clean and efficient American energy. Under President Biden, oil and natural gas production has increased, and we are on track to hit the highest production in our country’s history next year. He is determined to make sure that this transition helps all Americans in all parts of the country, with more jobs and better opportunities; it’s a commitment he has advanced since Day One. No one will be left behind.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 18:10


First lady Jill Biden on campaign trail in Arizona

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 17:58


Bernie Sanders warns ‘future of this country’ at stake

US Senator Bernie Sanders and his progressive allies are rallying across the US in the waning days of the 2022 midterm elections, giving Democratic candidates in battleground states a final boost before Election Day.

While President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and other prominent Democratic officials rally voters with an urgent “get out the vote” message to drive turnout, the Independent senator from Vermont has embarked on a 19-stop tour to get his progressive supporters and younger voters to the polls.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 17:55


Watch: Obama addresses voter anxiety

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 17:45


Biden calls anti-socialism protesters ‘idiots’

President Joe Biden called protesters holding signs denouncing socialism “idiots” during his remarks at a campaign rally in Joliet, Illinois.

He warned the crowd that Republicans would try to cut Social Security and Medicare if they win control of Congress in the midterm elections.

Referencing the signs he passed on his way to the event, including one that read “Socialism sucks,” the president said: “I love those signs when I came in: socialism. Give me a break. What idiots.”

Another sign read: “Where’s Nancy”, echoing the words of the man who broke into Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house and violently assaulted her husband with a hammer.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 17:38


Voices: In Arizona, it’s not looking great for Republicans

Arizona-based writer Masada Siegel, who correctly predicted a Democrat win in the state two years ago for Joe Biden and Mark Kelly, believes things aren’t necessarily looking good for Republicans this time around either.

Oliver O’Connell5 November 2022 17:30

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