Midterm results latest: Republicans projected to take House as Kevin McCarthy wins initial GOP speaker vote

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Republicans are projected to have won a majority in the US House of Representatives with at least 218 seats, according to Decision Desk HQ. There are still 14 outstanding races, but it is believed that the GOP has taken the lower chamber of Congress.

The final outcome will likely see a very slim majority for Republicans making things difficult for party leadership, but Kevin McCarthy has already cleared the first hurdle toward being elected speaker by winning the nomination. He now faces a weeks-long battle to quell right-wing objections likely by offering concessions to the Freedom Caucus.

In an internal vote, Mr McCarthy received 188 votes, with 31 voting for other candidates. He needs more than 218 lawmakers in his corner when the new Congress convenes in January, likely only leaving room for a couple of votes to spare.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are now set to retain control of the Senate, securing 50 seats already with hopes of retaining another in a runoff in Georgia next month. Many Republican Senators have criticised their leader, Mitch McConnell, since the election, but others have blamed Donald Trump for their failure to retake the upper chamber.


Senate GOP elections still on track for Wednesday morning

Oliver O’Connell16 November 2022 01:15


AP Calls another California race for Democrats

Oliver O’Connell16 November 2022 00:50


Larry Hogan says Trump should sit out 2024 election for good of Republicans

The Maryland governor blamed the one-term president for the party’s disappointing performance in the midterms that saw Democrats retain control of the US Senate and the House remaining still too close to call.

“It’s basically the third election in a row that Donald Trump has cost us the race, and it’s like, three strikes, you’re out,” Mr Hogan told Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union.

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Gaetz hits out at McCarthy

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Trump accused of ‘stealing’ from Herschel Walker campaign

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s campaign has accused Republicans, including former president Donald Trump, of “deceptive” fundraising.

Mr Walker is set to face Senator Raphael Warnock in a runoff in Georgia on 6 December after neither man won a majority of the vote during last week’s election.

But Scott Paradise, Mr Walker’s campaign manager, called out Republicans who advertised fundraising for Mr Walker and called on them to share more of the money, NBC News reported.

Eric Garcia has the story.

Oliver O’Connell15 November 2022 23:45


Politico’s Christopher Cadelago reports that at Mar-a-Lago, Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame says the worst thing that could have happened in the midterms was a “red wave” because then nobody would take his claims of faulty voting machines seriously.

Mr Lindell also suggested that former President Donald Trump would be spreading “a message of hope” tonight and that it’s a waste of time for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to even think about challenging Trump.

Oliver O’Connell15 November 2022 23:31


McCarthy proclaims Democrat era over

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: “I’m proud to announce the era of one-party Democrat rule in Washington is over.”

Oliver O’Connell15 November 2022 23:24


Sean Hannity’s sulking announcement of Arizona governor results goes viral: ‘Weak hypocritical sore loser’

“Apparently they did have a drop in Arizona and Fox is projecting that Democratic Secretary of State, who should have recused herself, Katie Hobbs has been elected governor of Arizona,” the Fox News host announced toward the end of his 8pm show on Monday.

A clip of Mr Hannity’s unenthusiastic race call had racked up nearly one million views by Tuesday morning, 13 hours after being posted to Twitter by the @Acyn account.

Mr Hannity’s suggestion that Ms Hobbs, as secretary of state, should withdrawn from having oversight of the Arizona elections brought comparisons to the Georgia governor’s race in 2018, when Republican Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrams after refusing to recuse himself as secretary of state.

Radio host Michelangelo Signorile One weighed in on Twitter, saying: “Did I forget them telling us Brian Kemp needed to recuse himself as Secretary of State in GA in first run for gov?”

Oliver O’Connell15 November 2022 22:45


Democrats sue for Saturday voting in Georgia Senate runoff

U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock‘s campaign and Democratic groups are suing the state of Georgia to overturn guidance by Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that counties can’t offer Saturday voting ahead of next month’s Senate runoff election.

The lawsuit, filed late Monday by the Democratic Party of Georgia, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Warnock campaign, challenges the state’s finding that it would be illegal to hold early voting on Nov. 26, the day after a state holiday. The lawsuit says the state’s interpretation hurts Warnock in particular because Democrats tend to push early voting more than Republicans.

The race between Warnock and his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, is headed to a Dec. 6 runoff after neither candidate won a majority of votes in the midterm election. Democrats have already secured control of the Senate but are hoping to increase their narrow margin with a Warnock victory.

“Illegal attempts to block Saturday voting are another desperate attempt by career politicians to squeeze the people out of their own democracy and to silence the voices of Georgians,” Quentin Fulks, Warnock’s campaign manager, said in a statement. “We’re aggressively fighting to protect Georgia voters’ ability to vote on Saturday.”

Raffensperger dismissed the lawsuit as politics.

Democrats sue for Saturday voting in Georgia Senate runoff

U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s campaign and Democratic groups are suing the state of Georgia to overturn guidance by Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger that counties can’t offer Saturday voting ahead of next month’s Senate runoff election

The Associated Press15 November 2022 22:15


McConnell gives election post-mortem

Mitch McConnell delivered a post-mortem of the midterm elections. He said the Republican Party underperformed with independents and moderates because their impression of many in the party was “chaos, negativity, excessive attacks” that “frightened” voters.

Senator McConnel says he never predicted a red wave because the polling didn’t indicate there was one.

“We were not dealing with issues in a responsible way,” he says. Mr McConnell also says the party was particularly crushed by independent voters in Arizona and New Hampshire.

Oliver O’Connell15 November 2022 21:59

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