Moroccans Riot in Paris After World Cup Win Against France

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Moroccans rioted on the streets of Paris in the wake of their country’s win against France in the World Cup.

Gangs of Moroccans celebrating the success of their national football team clashed with police in Paris on Saturday evening in the wake of their country’s 1-0 win against France in Qatar.

The violence echoes similar scenes in Brussels two weeks ago, with Moroccans “celebrating” their football victory against Belgium by flipping cars and setting fire to electric scooters.

According to reporting by well-known video journalist Clément Lanot, fans of the North African soccer team launched fireworks at the police in Paris’ Champs-Élysées, who responded with tear gas.

Both sides eventually came to blows as the night went on, with multiple videos uploaded online showing riot squads clashing with Moroccan fans, some of whom are said to have looted a construction site for projectiles to throw at the police.

Lanot also uploaded footage of a motorcycle burning during the riots, but did not speculate as to how the vehicle came to be set alight.

This is not the first time Moroccans have rioted in Europe over the result of a football game, with fans of the North African team flipping cars and burning property after their World Cup victory against Belgium late last month.

With Brussels, Liege, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and the Hague all seeing serious violence at the hands of the rioters, many politicians within Europe blamed significant demographic change for the social unrest.

“Moroccans rioting in Brussels came as no surprise since it is not the first time this happens,” Vlaams Belang MEP Tom Vandendriessche previously told Breitbart Europe in relation to the violence.

“Most rioting Moroccans are bi-nationals, mostly born in Belgium, some even third or fourth generation migrants. But still, they are more connected to their country of origin,” he argued, proposing that many of the rioters should be “stripped of their Belgian citizenship and sent back to where they truly belong and their hearts are: Morocco.”

“This is a proof that integration is a lie and multiculturalism simply doesn’t work,” he went on to say.

Another French commentator described the rioters as “scum”, linking the riots to the “Great Replacement” theory, which claims that elites are actively trying to displace native European populations with migrants.

While frequently condemned by leftist politicians and the legacy media, a survey released late last year revealed that around half of the entire French population believe the Great Replacement is real.

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