NYT Mocked for Using Photo of Shotgun Shells While Referring to AR-15s

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The New York Times is being mocked after its editorial board published an op-ed criticizing “toxic gun culture” and used a photo of shotgun shells while referring to AR-15s.

NYT Opinion tweeted:

To be clear, an AR-15 shoots .223 or 5.56 rifle ammo, not shotgun shells.

This is 223 ammunition for an AR-15. (George Frey/Getty Images)

Club for Growth senior analyst Andrew Follet called out the NYT, tweeting, “Complains about AR15s…with a picture of shotgun shells. This is hysterical.”

FOX News quoted columnist Kurt Schlichter reacting to the photo: “I find it amusing, I am once again begging the MSM journalists to take just a couple of basic firearms class to avoid dumba–ery like this.”

The NYT editorial board’s op-ed says, in part:

A growing number of American civilians have an unhealthy obsession with ‘tactical culture’ and rifles like the AR-15. It’s a fringe movement among the 81 million American gun owners, but it is one of several alarming trends that have coincided with the increase in political violence in this country, along with the spread of far-right extremist groups, an explosion of anti-government sentiment and the embrace of deranged conspiracy theories by many Republican politicians.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation told Breitbart News there are approximately 25 million firearms which Democrats label “assault weapons” in circulation in the USA. Millions upon millions of those firearms are AR-15s, which shoot rifle ammo, not shotgun shells.

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