Perth TikToker Charlie Ehlers shares personal finance tips and ‘mistakes to avoid’ after saving $200k

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A Perth TikToker who saved more than $200,000 by the time he was a 26-year-old has revealed the “money rules” he lives by.

Charlie Ehlers regularly posts personal finance tips about everything from interest rates to how he “almost” went broke, and some of his videos have racked up over 700,000 views.

In a recent TikTok the 28-year-old revealed what he’s learnt from nearly 10 years of investing.

But he warns some of the rules will ruffle a few feathers.

“Here are some money rules I follow as someone in my 20s who’s been investing for almost 10 years now,” Ehlers said.

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One of his things to avoid was Afterpay and other pay-later services.

“They are f…… atrocities,” he said

“You don’t need them, you shouldn’t need them.”

Ehlers also said to steer clear of designer brands because they “target broke people who want to look rich”.

“Your Louis Vuitton, your Gucci. These brands have mastered your psychology,” he said.

“I don’t judge, if that’s what you wanna be, that’s fine. Just letting you know there are brands that are just as good where you’re not paying for the brand name.”

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