Pip Edwards responds to paparazzi’s accusation she ‘staged’ photos

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Pip Edwards has denied a photographer’s claims that she has staged ‘candid’ paparazzi photos, accusing him of “stalking” her home and office “daily”.

The Sydney paparazzo leaked Instagram messages between himself and the P.E Nation founder to the Daily Mail, in which the 42-year-old seemed to invite him to photograph her outside her office, in the city’s eastern suburbs, in July.

“Come back to my office and get a better pic. No seriously, come on. I want to give you a better one lol,” Edwards wrote.

To which the photographer responded: “If you want me to, I’ll come back. You’re the boss.”

“It’s a two-way street!” Edwards replied. “It’s gotta work out for me too.”

In another exchange between the pair, Edwards informed the snapper she would be going “for a walk Saturday morning and let you know so you get the clean shot”.

While in a separate message from Edwards, she urged the photographer to “maybe try a new angle”.

“Dude I like you but you gotta make me not look so wide lol,” she wrote.

“How come the other photographers pics I look normal and here I look short and stumpy and wide lol.”

Edwards told the Daily Mail in a lengthy statement that she wanted “to set the record straight” regarding the photographer’s allegations – saying his leaking of their conversation was “out of context” and in retaliation to him being removed from a property where he had been “trespassing”.

“I get stalked daily, weekly with paps outside my own house and my office,” she said.

“Yesterday one of your paps was trespassing on private property and the manager of the property kicked him off as it was illegal for him to be inside the perimeter. Because of this, [he] has released a screenshot of a particular exchange, that is out of context.

“[He] constantly stalks me to the point of being pointless, he harasses me asking me where I am going to be, and I never reply. And the one time I know he took an awful photo of me, I responded to him and said ‘at least get a good photo if you are going to get one’.”

Edwards added that she, “like many others are over the consistent harassment of being followed that then, those pointless photos get used to create false headlines for clickbait, at my expense”.

“This kind of false journalism has to stop. This harassment has to stop,” she said.

The mum-of-one said she no longer wished to be photographed at all, saying that having her picture taken by the paparazzi has damaged her self-esteem.

“I really do hope you take into consideration my truth because I no longer refuse to be reportedly or incorrectly or falsely. I have never ever set up any photo and in fact wish photos were never ever taken,” Edwards said.

“The existence of paps have actually damaged my self-esteem and are [an] intrusion of our right to privacy. I understand the role they play, but in this particular instance they have gone way too far and it is an outright lie.”

Originally published as Pip Edwards responds to paparazzi’s accusation she ‘staged’ photos

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