Planning New Year Trip Abroad? 5 Destinations You Must Avoid Amidst COVID-19 Surge

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Last Updated: December 26, 2022, 14:42 IST

Before making any firm preparations for this season, folks who are thinking about taking vacations should consider the rising COVID-19 cases.

In light of the rising COVID-19 cases, here is a list of nations you should not visit

With offers flooding in and travel companies looking to boost sales after two long, painful lockdown-infused years, the festive winter season might be an excellent time for a vacation. However, people planning on trips or outings this season will have to keep in mind the rising COVID-19 cases before making any solid plans. This is even more relevant for those planning to travel abroad to celebrate the New Year. Here’s a list of countries to leave off your travel plans in light of growing COVID-19 cases.


Reports suggest that close to 37 million people contracted Covid in just one day last week in this neighbouring country. According to these numbers, China is having the largest outbreak globally.


Media coverage from last week revealed that Japan was registering over 2 lakh cases per week. On Wednesday, December 21, the number of cases in the country crossed the 2 lakh mark for the first time since August this year.

United States

The US has registered approximately 15 lakh cases in the past month. As of Saturday, December 24, the highly contagious XBB variant accounted for 18.3 percent of the total Covid cases in the country.

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For the past couple of days, Germany has been registering over 40 thousand cases daily.


The European nation has reported more than 10 lakh cases in the past 28 days. The number of cases are also rising with every passing day.

Alongside these nations, travelling to South Korea and Brazil is also not advisable. World Health Organisation (WHO) data released on December 24 revealed that the highest numbers of new weekly cases were reported from Japan, South Korea, the US, France, and Brazil. Of these, the US, Japan, France, and Brazil also feature on the list of countries with the highest numbers of new weekly deaths.

Domestic travel is relatively safer, with no big surge noted in XBB and BF.7 cases in India. Virologists have also said that people in India have developed natural immunity from the third wave, where most cases were of the Omicron variant.

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