Prism Peak Announced For PC

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Uncover the mysteries of the world with the power of photography.

Taiwanese studio SIGONO has released a new trailer to announce its newest narrative adventure OPUS: Prism Peak. The game can be considered a spiritual sequel to the studio’s last hit game OPUS: Echo of Starsong. Prism Peak ‘s Steam page is also now available for wishlisting.

OPUS: Prism Peak has you play as a photographer lost in a mysterious ethereal realm, where you are tasked with uncovering its mysteries with your camera so as to find your way back home. This is a departure from the space theme the studio has used throughout the previous trilogy of OPUS games, but it seems the game will retain the exploration and puzzle-solving concepts the developer is renowned for.


The game also doesn’t share any characters or plot threads with previous OPUS games, making it a new entry point for those interested in studio SIGONO’s works.

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OPUS: Echo of Starsong has received critical acclaim since its release in 2021 – with a 90 aggregate score on Metacritic – thanks to its rich storyline and its amalgamation of fun gimmicks such as space navigation, singing mini-games, alternate 2.5D perspectives, contraption puzzles, and other activities that differ depending on the location.

The story is very deeply rooted in Asian culture, and it tackles themes such as loss, enlightenment, and growth beyond attachment, which are concepts very familiar to Asian audiences – according to the developer – but not western ones. The goal of the previous game was to relay this concept to a wider international audience, and having it on Xbox Game Pass helped a lot with achieving that.

OPUS: Prism Peak was also teased before as Project Mountain, and SIGONO said that it will be a big leap from Starsong in all terms of production. There is no concrete information about the story yet, but the developer has always considered the series’ aim to be telling a heartwarming story in face of tragedy, and one that is surely to help players find themselves when they feel lost and sad.

The game has won the Independent Creator Games category, and a Famitsu Platinum Hall of Fame award, which is awarded for titles that earn scores ranging from 35 to 40 according to Famitsu’s rankings. Finally, the developer has made no promises about porting the game to iOS later, as the changing mobile landscape makes it hard to release iOS ports at launch just as it did with past entries in the series.

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