Qualcomm partners with Adobe: What it means and what’s in it for users

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Qualcomm partners with Adobe: What it means and what’s in it for users
Alongside the new flagship mobile chipset — Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Qualcomm has also announced its collaboration with Adobe to support creative experiences on Snapdragon-powered devices across mobile, compute and XR platforms at its Snapdragon Summit 2022.
What this partnership means
As a part of the collaboration, both companies expect to bring native support for more Adobe services to Qualcomm platforms.
In addition to Photoshop and Lightroom, Adobe has also announced that it will bring more services natively on Qualcomm-powered Windows 11 PCs starting with Fresco and Acrobat. Along with this, the company has also confirmed the Adobe Sensei, its AI engine alongside the dedicated ondevice Qualcomm AI Engine on Snapdragon compute platforms
Apart from that, the companies are also collaborating on XR-driven authoring and consumption workflows powered by the Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Platform for VR/MR headsets and AR glasses. As per the companies, this will help creators author immersive storytelling that is spatially aware in head-worn devices and allow users to view and interact with Aero experiences.
These breakthrough experiences of AR application authoring and viewing with Aero are built on the companies’ long-term objective to deliver premium mobile experiences for Android smartphones powered by Snapdragon platforms. Adobe also has plans to expand the availability of the Aero application to premium Snapdragon-powered smartphones globally.

What’s in it for users
Qualcomm and Adobe’s partnership will allow more applications to run natively on Qualcomm-powered devices including mobile, compute and XR platforms. This means native support for Adobe apps and services. However, the company also plans to bring Adobe Sensei which will improve the user experience by offering better device performance for creative workflows and tasks including super-resolution, background removal, colour enhancement, editing content on the go and more.
Beyond this, the collaboration is also set to bring Aero XR platforms for VR/MR headsets and AR glasses via Snapdragon Spaces. Now, this may be a little far-fetched, but this will allow creators to create better and more immersive interactive content for users and users will be able to take advantage of that on head-worn devices.

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