Russia Ukraine war: ‘Kamikaze’ drone strikes hit Kyiv

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Ukraine’s capital city was rocked awake this morning by deafening blasts, exactly a week after Russia hit the metropolitan centre in a horrific attack on civilians.

Locals reported several explosions around 6:30am in Kyiv, sparking a flurry of air raid sirens.

Kyiv Mayor Vitalii Klitschko confirmed one explosion occurred in the city’s Shevchenkivskyi district. One strike damaged a residential building, while others targeted the central train station.

According to Andriy Yermak, the head of the President’s Office, the city was attacked with kamikaze drones.

“The capital was attacked by kamikaze drones,” the president’s chief of staff Andriy Yermak said on social media.

“The Russians think it will help them, but it shows their desperation,” he added.

“We need more air defence systems and as soon as possible. More weapons to defend the sky and destroy the enemy.”

Incredible footage showed rescue crews helping people from a residential building that was hit. Mayor Klitschko said 18 survivors had been retrieved but could not yet comment on casualties.

Additional videos captures by civilians showed military aircraft soaring over the city and civilians rushing for cover.

New York Times reporter Megan Specia said they were “rattled out of our sleep” by the commotion, which pundits believe may have been caused by Iranian-made Shahed 129 drones being deployed by Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last week said Iranian drones were used in Russian attacks on energy infrastructure across the nation.

Iran has denied supplying Russia with munitions for the invasion.

“All night and all morning, the enemy terrorizes the civilian population. Kamikaze drones and missiles are attacking all of Ukraine. A residential building was hit in Kyiv,” Zelensky said on Monday morning local time.

“The explosions in Kyiv were preceded by a humming noise similar to a loud lawnmower engine, suggesting that Shahed drones may have been use in the attacks,” Ukraine correspondent Christopher Miller said.

The city’s authorities have urged locals to stay in shelters until further notice.

On October 10, Russian missiles rained down on Kyiv and other cities across Ukraine in the biggest wave of strikes since late June.

The attacks killed at least 19 people, wounded 105 others and sparked an international outcry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the attacks were in retaliation to the strikes on a bridge linking Russia to the Crimean peninsula, one of the regions currently under Moscow’s control.

More to come.

Originally published as ‘Kamikaze’ drones rock Kyiv as Russia continues assault on Ukrainian civilians

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