Samsung phone software update issue: Fixes to be free/ refunded

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Samsung customers who paid to have their phones “wiped” as part of a fix to a software issue will be refunded.

The tech company is still investigating a bizarre issue with its latest software update, rendering some of its smartphones useless.

While the company claims the issue is limited to South Australia, has been contacted by numerous people from New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia who have experienced the same issue.

According to reports, the latest Android software update is leaving phones with either blank screens – or stuck on the Samsung logo.

Samsung Australia told that anyone who paid to have their phones fixed at one of their service centres would be refunded.

“Customers who take their device to a Samsung Authorised Service Centre and are confirmed to be affected by this issue will not be charged for any repairs relating to this issue, regardless of the Samsung Express warranty period.

“If they have been previously been charged by a Samsung Authorised Service Centre for repairs relating to this particular issue, they will be refunded for that work. Please contact the Samsung Authorised Service Centre you attended.” is aware of claims customers were charged up to $65. Others opted to buy new phones as service centres were closed over the Christmas break – when the update was rolling out.

One South Australian Uber driver said he had sought out a new phone from a JB Hifi store at the airport on Christmas Day.

Apart from losing comms, photos, contacts – I also drive for Uber part-time, and obviously, no phone equals no work in the busiest period of the year,” he said.

“$750 later, and I was on my way,” he said.

So far, Samsung has not confirmed what models of phones are affected nor the version of Android software involved.

One UI 5.0 (Android 13) is the latest update available in Australia.

Phone repair services have taken it upon themselves to warn customers to avoid hitting go on the latest prompted Android software update.

“Tell your Samsung friends not to update their phones,” one store told its customers on social media.

“The recommendation is don’t update your phone until the glitch is fixed,” another said.

When trading resumed this week, thousands of South Australians reportedly flocked to service centres seeking a fix for the issue. Australia’s consumer watchdog confirmed it was aware of and looking into the issue.

“We are working closely with the South Australia consumer protection regulator, Consumer and Business Services, regarding this matter,” an ACCC spokesperson told

“Under the Australian Consumer Law, consumers are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund if they have purchased a faulty product from a business.

“If the product has a major fault, and that fault is solely attributable to the business, we are of the view that the business should not unreasonably charge consumers to repair the fault.”

The ACCC recommends affected consumers first contact Samsung to request a free fix to the issue, or to seek a refund for any costs already incurred.

“If consumers require further assistance they can contact Consumer and Business Services or the ACCC.”

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