Samsung to iPhone users: Time to get off the fence

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iPhone users, Samsung wants you to jump the fence and get on to the Samsung bandwagon. The company’s latest ad targets iPhone users and asks them to switch to the company’s latest foldable phone, Galaxy Flip 4. Samsung in the ad seems to be eyeing those who are perhaps deliberating between buying an iPhone or Samsung phone. And this time there are no hidden jabs or potshots. The ad is direct and it says Apple iPhone, loud and clear. The ad makes fun of Apple iPhone’s candy bar design that apparently hasn’t changed since years now.
The ad shows a guy sitting on a fence, which kind of depicts that he is not able to make up his mind if he should buy an Apple iPhone or a Samsung phone. The guy in the ad says that he cannot switch to a Samsung smartphone because he’s worried about what his friends will think. Her friend, who has a Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 tells her to stop worrying and go and buy a Samsung phone. She says: “when you pull out your new Galaxy Z Flip 4, people are going to lose it.”

She then gives her Galaxy Flip to him. And soon his friends pop up from behind the fence looking all starry eyed at his phone. They tell him how cool his new phone is and if they can use it. The ad ends with captions: “Time to get off the fence” and “The Galaxy awaits you”. This is the same moniker that Samsung uses for its range of smartphones, earbuds, laptops and more.
Samsung made fun of Apple for not having a foldable phone
Last month, Samsung released an ad making fun of Apple for not having a foldable phone yet. The ad reminds everyone how Apple doesn’t have a foldable phone yet. In the ad — which appears set in an Apple Store — a man is seen trying to jump the fence. As he is sitting on the fence, another man — an Apple Store employee lookalike — asks him, “Hey, what are you doing up there?”, before adding, “You can’t sit on the fence.”
The fence sitter promptly replies, “But on the Samsung side, they have folding phones and epic cameras.” Hearing this, a customer expresses shock at the idea of a foldable phone. The so-called Apple employee tells him that “We’re waiting for all that to come over here.” Time to get off the fence is also the message in this ad.
Samsung made fun of ‘Apple iPhone 14 series launch’
Incidentally, this is not the first time that Samsung has made fun of Apple. The company is known to make ads making fun of its arch rival. Samsung’s US account also shared a few tweets during Apple executives presentation while launching Apple iPhone 14 series and new models of Apple Watch, Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Ultra.

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