Sleeping influencer catches creep in the act snapping up-skirt photos

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She caught him trying to join the Mile Spy Club.

A Brazilian fitness influencer is earning major props online after confronting a perv who allegedly snapped up-the-skirt photos of her without her permission on an aeroplane.

She recently shared an Instagram Stories clip detailing the plane-ly creepy encounter with her nearly 650,000 followers.

“I am shaking with rage,” influencer Anna Clara Rios said in the clip of the incident, which occurred Dec. 14 while she was flying home to Belo Horizonte from a work assignment in Sao Paulo, Jam Press reported. All was going well until the flight attendants alerted her that a traveller was snapping photos of her as she slept.

In the clip, Rios can be seen standing in the aisle describing the sordid incident in earshot of the alleged culprit, who is seen sitting next to her in his seat nonchalantly looking at his phone.

“This gentleman here was taking photos of me while I was asleep, they had to let me know to move me,” the trembling exercise enthusiast fumed while the camera pans to the purported peeping Tom.

Rios initially thought he must have recognised her because of her Insta-fame, but the cabin crew member informed her he was up to something far more sinister. “My first reaction [to the flight attendant] was ‘I work on social media, he must have recognised me.‘” She said, “But she said to me ‘I don’t think that’s it, while you were sleeping, he was zooming in and trying to see what was under your dress.’”

The social media star said she promptly confronted the alleged peeper and told him to delete the images, which he’s reportedly sent to a friend on WhatsApp, per Jam Press.

“I felt very vulnerable and insecure so I told the flight attendant that I was going to confront him because I wanted him to delete the photos from his mobile phone,” Rios recalled, while bursting into tears on camera. “I went to him feeling that my privacy had been invaded, I said this was not right, that I could be his mother, sister or daughter.”

Rios reportedly took a screenshot of the message, which she shared in the video, and sent it to the authorities, who later apprehended the amateur pornographer at the airport, per a message on her Instagram. In the clip, a federal police officer can be speaking to the man on a plane, before he’s seen getting escorted off the aircraft as passengers applaud.

Rios said the man was transported to a police station to give a statement but was not put under arrest.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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