Taylor Swift’s friend Todrick Hall reveals the gift she sent to a fan with cancer

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Taylor Swift’s close friend, Todrick Hall, has revealed the sweet gift that she sent to a fan who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

In a video posted to TikTok on Monday, the 37-year-old choreographer opened up about his bond with Swift, explaining that they “met in 2015” and “became friends almost immediately”. After noting that people often ask him what the singer is like, he said he wanted to share a story about her that could “warm” his viewers’ “hearts”.

Hall went on to show a screenshot of an Instagram message that he got about a woman named Estelle, a big fan of Swift and in the midst of battling cancer.

“I got a message from my good friend, Holly, who told me that one of her closest friends, Estelle, was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the eye, brain and spine,” he explained. “And Estelle is a gigantic Taylor Swift fan. So much so that she had a Taylor Swift-themed bridal shower, and her dream is to get a message from Taylor or get Taylor’s attention to let her know how huge of a fan she is.”

The singer then shared an Instagram reel posted by one of Estelle’s friends, Kayla, that feature videos of the bridal party, which was inspired by Swift’s album, Lover.

“When I saw this footage of this incredible bridal party, I was like: ‘OK, Taylor has to see this,” he continued. “So I sent the videos and the footage and the message to Taylor, and Taylor responded so sweetly and said: ‘I’d love to send her something, what is her address?’”

Hall went on to reveal that he got “chills” when Estelle messaged him and said that she got a package from the “Anti-Hero” singer, filled with “Taylor Swift merchandise”.

He went on to detail how pleased Estelle was about the gift, before praising Swift for her kind gesture.

“I know that she had a smile from ear to ear. She’s been DMing me all day,” he added. “I just wanted you to know there’s so many stories like this that I could tell, but this story in particular warmed my heart.”

As of 20 December, the video has more than 141,400 views, with TikTok users in the comments applauding Hall for sharing this story and praising Swift.

“[These stories] do not get shared enough,” one wrote. “This brought tears to my eyes. She has such a huge heart. Thank you for sharing.”

“Todrick, this not only shows us that TS is an amazing person but it also speaks volumes to what an incredible human you are,” another wrote. “I adore you & love you.”

On Instagram, Estelle also expressed her gratitude for the “All Too Well” singer and shared a photo of the merchandise she received. Some of the items she got include sweaters, socks, shirts, and keychains, most of which were related to Swift’s newest album, Midnights.

“Reason #7261661543162 why I am a Swiftie. a cardboard box bigger than my body just arrived to my front porch loaded with merch from the QUEEN herself,” Estelle wrote. “Thank you @taylorswiftfor always being somebody for so many to look up to. You are an inspiration and a world class human. I am at a true loss for words and will never ever forget this.  Thank you @misshollyallen and @todrick for connecting these dots and being two of the kindest humans. no words, all love.”

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