Title 42 Is the ‘Only Functioning Policy,’ Border Advocates Say

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Title 42, a border security measure that was implemented at the start of the pandemic, is the “only functioning policy preventing unchecked illegal immigration,” the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) explained.  

President of FAIR Dan Stein expanded on the importance of the border security measure in a press release after Chief Justice John Roberts stopped a lower court’s decision that would have scrapped Title 42.

Title 42, a public health provision that was implemented at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, allows authorities to swiftly remove some illegal immigrants.

Stein spoke on the importance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, saying, “The American people … were spared even greater hardship at the hands of the Biden administration by the U.S. Supreme Court’s eleventh hour stay.”

He also noted that Title 42 is the “only functioning policy preventing unchecked illegal immigration” because “the Biden administration has arbitrarily canceled, or refused to enforce, every policy designed to deter mass illegal immigration.”

Stein added that “the Department of Homeland Security was bracing for exponentially larger numbers of migrants pouring across the border illegally.”

But Title 42 by itself is not enough to secure the border. Stein explained that “Even with Title 42 remaining in place, the administration’s decision to exempt large categories from removal under the provision will not be enough to restore order to the border.”

“There is still far more that needs to be done to regain control of our borders and end the humanitarian crisis that the Biden administration has created,” Stein added before going on to say that Republicans must “address the dire situation stemming from the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce countless immigration laws.”

Before the policy had been upheld, thousands of migrants camped out in Mexico and prepared to rush the border in the event that Title 42 was removed.

Others have pointed out that the removal of Title 42 would have disastrous consequences. El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez remarked in an NPR interview that if the measure was removed, the situation would be akin to the Afghan refugee crisis “in terms of numbers.”

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden for attempting to scrap Title 42, pointing out that “Biden is willfully and deliberately triggering a cataclysm of illegal immigration like the world has never seen before.”

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