Twitter lays off about 900 in Bay Area after Elon Musk takeover

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Twitter has decided to chop nearly 900 jobs in the Bay Area and nearly 1,000 in California, Elon Musk-ordered layoffs that affect workers in San Jose and San Francisco, official state filings show.

The disclosures to the state’s labor agency are the first official notices that reveal the scope of the mammoth employment cutbacks that are being orchestrated by Musk, who stated he has “no choice” but to engineer the huge layoffs to help Twitter climb out of a lake of red ink.

Layoffs also occurred in the Los Angeles County city of Santa Monica, the filings with the state Employment Development Department show.

Here’s how the layoffs affected three cities in California, including the two in the Bay Area:

  • San Francisco, 784 job cuts
  • San Jose, 106 positions lost
  • Santa Monica, 93 jobs eliminated

This means Twitter jettisoned 890 jobs in the Bay Area and eliminated 983 positions in California, the EDD filings show.

The location of the Bay Area layoffs: 1355 Market St. in San Francisco, which is the Twitter headquarters; and 3055 Olin Drive, which is in Santana Row, where Twitter has been renting office space.

“Executive/senior-level officials and managers, first/mid-level officials and managers, professionals, sales workers and administrative support workers” were the job categories of the Bay Area Twitter employees who lost their jobs in the staffing reductions.

In all three California locations, the affected employees were scheduled to be terminated on Jan. 4, 2023, the WARN notices filed with the EDD show. The employees who were affected were notified on Nov. 4, according to the official letters.

“The workforce reductions are expected to be permanent,” Twitter stated in the WARN notices.

The staff reductions in California equate to roughly 13% of Twitter’s worldwide workforce prior to the job cuts and the employment cuts in the Bay Area represent 12%. These estimates arise from Twitter’s regulatory filings that show the company employed 7,500 people worldwide at the end of 2021, the most recent time frame available.

Some reports had estimated that Twitter could chop 25% to 50% of its workforce. Cuts of this magnitude could equate to a loss of 1,900 to 3,700 jobs worldwide.

“Regarding Twitter’s reduction in force, unfortunately, there is no choice when the company is losing over $4 million a day,” Musk said in a tweet on Friday.

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