Undercover police swarm ute with guns drawn outside Darwin Hungry Jack’s in dramatic arrest

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Stunned witnesses watched on as a dramatic arrest unfolded in a Hungry Jack’s drive-through as undercover cops surrounded a ute with guns drawn.

Dramatic video captured by onlookers shows a confronting sight as a group of men dressed in casual clothes swarmed a blue ute outside the fast-food restaurant in Darwin on Thursday.

Two men with camouflage face coverings – one wearing a Centrelink branded singlet – could be seen pointing shotguns at two men inside the cabin.

Others involved in the operation were dressed as what appeared to be tradies, while uniformed police stood at the rear of the ute where there was also a smashed-up silver car.

NT Police revealed in a statement on Friday a member of the public’s vehicle was damaged as the alleged offenders attempted to evade police.

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At one point another plain-clothed man standing at the rear could also be seen drawing a handgun.

The video showed a screaming man in the back seat of the ute holding up something in front of his face to defend himself from what appeared to be a taser before attempting to hit away the armed men outside the ute through his open window.

The Australian reported the armed man in the singlet was a Territory Response Group operator, from the Northern Territory Police Force, while others surrounding the car were also tactical operators and detectives.

“I was just passing by Coolalinga, and I saw like guys holding guns and I thought they were like just having like a movie or shooting something like a series or something,” Jesmar Paclibar, a teacher who captured the moment, told the publication.

NT Police have confirmed two men, aged 30 and 31, were arrested at the drive-through on the Stuart Highway in Coolalinga, an outer suburb of Darwin, at 5.40pm Thursday.

Both men had warrants for their arrests and police said they expected to lay charges on Friday.

NT Police did not release details of the warrants or charges in a statement on Friday morning but said further details would be released later in the day.

The dramatic operation included the Serious Crime Squad, the Dog Operations Unit, the Territory Response Group and general duties.

“There were no serious injuries to the offenders, officers involved or the general public,” NT Police said.

The undercover cop wearing a Centrelink singlet quickly went viral online as Aussies praised his choice of clothing.

“Work for the dole programme is getting a little full on,” joked one man.

“At least the Centrelink fella found a job. One less dole bludger. Good on you mate,” added another.
“Somewhere these coppers just clocked off and got home and are enjoying these comments immensely,” wrote a third.

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