Urgent holiday warning for tourists over hidden hotel room features that violate your privacy

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HOLIDAYMAKERS have been warned over a hidden hotel feature that could violate your privacy.

Hidden cameras in Airbnbs and hotels are frequently found by horrified guests.


Hidden cameras are usually the last thing on anyone’s mind during a holidayCredit: Getty
A private investigator has provided advice on how to address the privacy issue


A private investigator has provided advice on how to address the privacy issueCredit: Getty

Aaron Bond – a private investigator and security expert at Bond Rees – has warned Brits to look out for the devious devices while on holiday.

He has also revealed how to spot them. 

His first tip is to look in ceiling corners and places that give a view of the entire property.

Some hidden cameras could be disguised in everyday objects, like lamps and televisions.

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Aaron said: “The body of a hidden camera will never be on show so unfortunately, the part of the camera that is visible to us is also the smallest part of it.”

Some people may be able to use their mobile phones to find hidden cameras.

You can find out if your phone has ability to detect infared light by turning on the front-facing camera and pointing it at a TV remote control.

If you see a red light when after doing that, you can use your phone to scan for hidden cameras.

Aaron said: “If you have a mobile phone that can detect infrared signals, walk around the room and scan items that are suspicious.

“If you see a red light on one of these items there is a camera inside.”

The best way to find hidden cameras in vacation accommodation is investing into an RF detector.

Vacationers can find the detectors for as low as £29 on Amazon.

To use the detector, first items with any broadcast signal have to be unplugged, then the property can be scanned.

Aaron said: “When you pick up a signal your device will beep, from here you should look at the object to investigate further.

“There can be false alarms with these types of devices so if something does beep, don’t panic and investigate further.”

A couple in Brazil discovered a creepy camera in their Airbnb last night are in the midst of a legal fight with the host.

The tiny camera was hidden in panelling behind their bed.

After seeing a gleam while taking a photo, they investigated.

Júlia said: “I took a photo with flash with my mobile phone and a bright glow appeared that really looked like a camera lens.”

Ana and Júlia found the camera also had an audio cable – meaning someone could listen in to their conversations.

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According to Airbnb, intentioanlly hiding recording devices is not permitted.

They said: “Airbnb prohibits security cameras or recording devices that are in or that observe private spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or sleeping areas.”

The cameras are not always easy to spot: but using infared detectors speeds up the process


The cameras are not always easy to spot: but using infared detectors speeds up the processCredit: Getty

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