Watch as terrifying new roller coaster rides over top of a mountain – with 110ft drop

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AMAZING footage has captured a ride on one of the world’s newest and most terrifying roller coasters.

Defiance was built earlier this year on the Iron Mountain in Colorado, which is 1,300 feet above the Colorado River.


The roller coaster has a 110ft drop after a 75ft climb at the startCredit: Tiktok/attractionspot

The ride at Glenwood Caverns theme park features an 110ft freefall drop down the mountain at beyond-vertical 102.3 degrees.

To get to the freefall drop, passengers slowly climb 75ft, taking in the panoramic views 7,132ft above sea level, before plummeting into a ravine.

Passengers also ride at speeds of up to 56mph, with three inversions including a zero-G roll.

Even scarier, is that the ride’s eight cars don’t have the standard over-shoulder restraints, with just a lap bar keeping passengers in place.

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Guests at Glenwood Caverns have to take a gondola from the base of the car park to the top of the mountain in order to ride the coaster.

Footage shared on Tiktok by ride enthusiasts @attractionspot shows what it’s like being on the front of the roller coaster for its thrilling journey.

The drop after the ride’s initial climb looks terrifying, even when viewed from the comfort of an armchair, while the following twists and bends are equally as hair-raising.

Before it opened to the public, the theme park’s manager Nancy Heard told USA Today: “The view will be absolutely phenomenal. And the drop will take your breath away.”

The roller coaster is at Glenwood Caverns in America


The roller coaster is at Glenwood Caverns in AmericaCredit: Tiktok/attractionspot

Ms Heard added: “You’ll be suspended at the top of the mountain looking down at Glenwood Springs before you disappear into the abyss with nothing but a lap bar.”

Not everyone was on board after seeing the footage, with the video scary enough for some people.

One person said: “Did anyone else have a major case of anxiety watching this or is it just me?”

Another said: “Yeah, you guys go-ahead. I’ll be at the bumper cars”

A third added: “You would never get me in that”

However, others loved what they’d seen and wanted to experience the ride for themselves.

One wrote: “Wooooowwww, I need to try this!”

A second added: “That looks like so much fun!”

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The roller coaster was opened up earlier this year at the American theme park


The roller coaster was opened up earlier this year at the American theme parkCredit: Tiktok/attractionspot

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